Millions of people feel frustrated and discouraged with the story of their life. Years ago, that was me and I suspect it might be you too. Sometimes the people, places, and events that make up our lives don’t seem to portray who we think we are. Certain negative experiences in life cause us to shut down the vulnerable, precious parts of who we are. What we’re left with are feelings of failure and a sad sense that we are lost and can’t find our way home. . .

But I want you to know that Your Story isn’t over!

The REAL story of your life begins the moment you first become curious about who you are, deep down at the soul level.

The moment you ask, what do I really want? You have begun.

Writing provides us a portal to our subconscious where we can communicate with our soul, where we can discover our truest desire, our best gifts to offer the world, and the voice of our own truth and wisdom.

Writing Your Way Home is a journaling workshop designed to unravel the misunderstandings about who we are and to heal the misconceptions that keep us feeling stuck and lost. As the author, or in other words, the authority of your life, you get to decide how your story will be told and how it will unfold from this point forward.

The Writing Your Way Home Workshop combines inspired readings, more than 25 focused writing prompts, and guided meditations that can help you:

  • Make peace with the past
  • Open the gateway to the Soul
  • Discover your resilience
  • Express yourself more clearly
  • Uncover the hidden blockages to living a soul-centered life
  • Transform fear into self-knowledge

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I attended Tracy‘s Writing your Way Home workshop earlier this year. They have been and enlightening for sure.  Tracy is a gifted facilitator. Her journaling questions are challenging as they should be, and in her gentle, skillful way she helps us all to feel comfortable with what we have written. Thank you, Tracy, for giving us your time and love and energy.

~Susan Baggarly

“I found Tracy’s writing workshop randomly through Facebook, and I am so glad I did! Tracy led us through soul-searching writing sessions and created a safe space for us all to explore our deepest selves. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in choosing the class themes. I recommend her writing class to anyone interested in nurturing their creative self, or if you just want to try something new. Thank you, Tracy, for creating this class and for being you!”

~Kristin Lawson

I absolutely love writing and this workshop was such an amazing way to creatively express myself while exploring beliefs of my soul & psyche. Tracy Martin does a fantastic job of facilitating the class and comes up with unique ideas to help us unlock our potential and truths. I love that you don’t necessarily have to be a writer to enjoy it, just have to be open to self-discovery and learning more about your inner self. Thanks, Tracy, for crafting such an awesome experience!

~Ali Shafer

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