Can You Really Reinvent Yourself?

When we’re unhappy, it’s natural to want something to change. We seek comfort in thinking if only my life were different; if only I were different! Before I got married, I changed everything about myself to become what I thought my husband wanted. I needed to catch him and make him choose me. In theContinue reading “Can You Really Reinvent Yourself?”

Do You Choose Your Soul, or Self-Image?

Believe it or not, maintaining our self-image gets in the way of living an authentic soul-based life. We say we want happiness, peace and fulfillment, but we have a hard time accessing these coveted states. Instead we focus on things that will make us look and feel better, even though they are usually temporary, atContinue reading “Do You Choose Your Soul, or Self-Image?”

Is Failure a “Sign”?

Recently, during an open audition for a live speaking opportunity, I totally screwed up. Three-quarters of the way through my ten-minute memorized speech, I stalled. Plain as day, I could see the paragraph ahead – all those planned out sentences waiting for me to get to them, but I just couldn’t find the words inContinue reading “Is Failure a “Sign”?”

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