Life is a Spiritual Adventure!

Life doesn’t happen to us, we happen to it!

Soul Set in Motion launches us into the discovery and activation of our divine potential. When we learn to flow with the divine rather than against it, we become part of the affluence of the Universe. Once we associate ourselves with it, than we have access to it – all the good we see and even that which we can’t yet see.

Soul Set in Motion is an open invitation to ex-press the divine! Here you’ll find all sorts of advice and encouragement to help you on your journey. We are all in the learning phase and always will be – master today, student tomorrow. Learning to love our divine selves takes a lifetime, so settle in for the adventure of it. Hold tight.

When our lives become that spiritual adventure, we get better at understanding both the past and present and finding forgiveness for all things comes easier. A smoothness enters our life, like water becalmed. We’re getting better at taking things in stride which leaves us open and available for the adventure that awaits us in each tomorrow.

Most of us relate to the idea of adventure with child-like excitement. We imagine it as a place and time set apart – something thrilling to remember and look back on – some unique moment in our lives, but apart from our lives.

If our lives are a spiritual adventure, then where does that line between adventure and our “real” life begin and end?

What if… adventure isn’t about where you go or what you do. What if adventure is more a way of engaging the World around you, a mode of soul travel – the spirit with which you approach your life and the people and places that are a part of it.

In this light, you don’t have to travel to live a life of spiritual adventure. Excitement and amazing experiences can be found right outside your own front door primarily because your eyes are open, your heart is receptive and your mind full of creativity and delight.

Everyday when we awaken, we’re faced with a whole new set of unknown circumstances. When we swing our feet to the floor, we can embrace the unfamiliar and see the day as an opportunity to learn and experience our lives with a sense of soulful adventure, or we can simply wonder what we have to do to survive another day.

If life is a spiritual adventure, than what’s in store for me today? How can I make the most of it? How can the Divine live through me?

We’re often so accustomed to our routines in life that inviting adventure might be tough. But once we take a few extra steps to shake things up a bit, it becomes part of who we are. Below I’ve compiled a list of all the ways I can think of to approach life with an adventurous Spirit. What do you do to invite soulful adventure? Share below.

-Start conversations with strangers

-Let a friend pick out what you’ll wear today (and wear that selection boldly)

-Try a new recipe – bonus points for something ethnically unfamiliar

-Take an unfamiliar (longer) route home from work

-Pay for the person in the line behind you (this is so awesome – I’ve made immediate friends this way – don’t wait, do it today)

-Make a new friend in the workplace and offer to buy them lunch (same)

-Learn a new language and find someone to practice it with

-Try new places to eat out often -pick from the unfamiliar on the menu

-Agree to babysit for a friend -you’ll be reminded how to see life through the eyes of a vulnerable child

-Ask a stranger to dance

-Drop in at a friend’s house unexpectedly, just to say “hi”- don’t plan to stay (unless they invite you)

-Shop at an unfamiliar grocery store, you might have to ask where something is located…

-Say “yes” to as many invitations as is possible – don’t be too “busy”

-Join a Meet-up group and do something entirely new and unexpected (

-Shop locally-owned and operated businesses-ask to meet the owner

-Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to do

-Volunteer some place scary, but safe

-Ask someone for their story