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self-discovery journal

Emergence: a 30-Day Self-Discovery Journal

Have you ever been confused about love? How to get it and better yet, how to make it stay? In these 30 days of journal writing, you’ll find the courage and confidence to uncover what you really know about love, empower your relationship with yourself, and make new commitments to being whole and happy with who you are. You’ll gain more control over every aspect of your life when you know who you are and what you really want!

confidence, self-love, empowerment

learn from limiting beliefs, www.soulsetinmotion.comMini-Course: How to Learn from your Limiting Beliefs

Identify your limiting beliefs, challenge them and interrupt the negative patterns that keep you from creating a life worth loving. Includes (4) video lessons and a downloadable workbook!


writing your way home, www.soulsetinmotion.comWriting Your Way Home: An 8-Week Online Writing Course for Coming Back Home to Your Authentic Self

Ever feel like you’ve somehow traveled too far from the person you were born to become? Do you ever wish you could just find your way back home? This journaling workshop is designed to unravel the misunderstandings you’ve acquired about who you are and to uncover the misconceptions that keep you feeling stuck and lost.

Resilience, self-discovery journal, starting over, www.soulsetinmotion.comResilience: A 30-Day Journal for Starting Over

Are you starting over in some area of your life? Relationship? Career? Or Location? Moving on can challenge us in ways we might not imagine. In this 30-Day Journal, you will find writing prompts designed to help you find peace with the past, build trust in your own decision-making, and bravely light the way for your Soul to lead you on the next steps of your journey, starting over.

confidence, self-love, empowerment

self-discovery journal, www.soulsetinmotion.comHeartspace: A 30-Day Journal for Finding Forgiveness

Although we all get hurt now and then, that doesn’t take away the sting of pain when we’ve been disappointed or disillusioned by someone we’ve loved.  In this 30-Day Journal, the writing prompts are designed to help you find the freedom of true forgiveness and release your Soul to lead you on the next steps of your journey with a sense of lightness and self-love.

confidence, self-love, empowerment