“Passionate and witty, Tracy Martin makes you think about things. She’s going to say it like it is!”

“The Universe has put me in charge of talking about some pretty important things: self love, personal power, courage, and living up to our potential. I know they’re important, because they can make or break a life!”

You can hire me to talk at your next event where I’ll share my experiences with Learning Self Love, Personal Empowerment and Living Your True Potential. My past experiences as a teacher of the creative arts, writing and dancing make me an excellent audience communicator speaking with authority, clarity and passion about important life issues.

Public Speaking Specialties

Keynote Speech: Learn to BE the “Game Changer” with Positive Thinking – view a clip

Speech: The Truth About Self Love – view a clip

Speech: Removing the Cloud of Unrealized Potential

Speech: How to Build Confidence and Get What You Want

Speech: Giving It Up To Your Greatness

Speech: There are Control Freaks Among Us!!

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