Vision Board Workshop


Vision – Focus – Action
Don’t leave 2019 up to chance and whim. Join us for this fun vision board workshop where we’ll focus our intentions for the New Year!

Why Make a Vision Board? Creating a physical template of your deepest desire will sharpen your focus on what you want for your self this year. It’s not magic…it’s you calling into your awareness a clear intent for what you want so that your thoughts and actions align to bring you the highest levels of success. It’s like a physical contract between you and YOU!

The evening will include:
Meditation to clarify your vision,
Writing prompts to open your heart to your deepest desire,
Crafting a Vision Board to guide your thoughts and actions,
and fun and laughter to light the way…
all combine for a powerful start to your New Year!!

$20 investment includes all materials needed to craft an 18 x 24 vision board! Workshop is limited to 20 participants, so please register using the “get tickets” link. Seats will fill up fast!!

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    I do not see a date for the vision workshop.

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