If I Were Good: a memoir


Simply put, approval had to come from a man – at least that’s what Martin thought. She hurried to get married, failed at that, and hurried to get married again, nearly everything about herself to fit in with her new husband’s life. For him, she became a hippie, an activist, a green-thumbed survivalist. She threw out her high heels and makeup in favor of Birkenstocks and cotton pants. Together they left their comfortable urban life and became back-to-the-landers, hell bent on saving Mother Earth. But what began as an optimistic intentional community endeavor soon turned into a nightmare. Broke and broken-hearted, Martin returned to the city to start over. She determined to prove to herself and the world that given half a chance, she could do better. But what she discovered in the process of rebuilding was that getting “better” wasn’t the thing that would make the most difference in her life.

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