Empowerment is the key to the life you’ve always wanted!

Are you ready for:

  • An END to the constant need to “prove” your worth and value?
  • Better RELATIONSHIPS at home, work, and out in the World?
  • Clarity on your livelihood and CONTRIBUTION to the World?
  • Peace with your beautiful BODY and all of its possibility?
  • Calm centeredness in DAILY living?
  • FREEDOM to express who YOU really are?

I can definitely help with all that and more.

I coach others to live empowered lives of passion and purpose!

If you’ve tried nearly everything and you’re still feeling “not good enough,” I want you to know that you’re not alone and no one has “the” secret to a perfect life! In truth, we’re all doing the best we can and I’m here to help.

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As an author, public speaker, and educator, Tracy Martin has been researching and writing about self-empowerment for years. As a graduate of Beyond Your Best®, Life Coaching Seminar, and Vision in Action® Leadership Training, Tracy brings tremendous experience to work with all of her clients toward positive change in their lives. Having lived and learned the concepts she now teaches, she understands your needs and is able to lead you forward with compassion, patience, and a little kick-ass (unconditional) love.

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What’s in it for me: As your coach, I get fulfillment and satisfaction helping you embrace your beauty, power, and wholeness. Teaching you what I’ve learned through years of research and good old-fashioned experience allows me to have the greatest impact and influence in the “soulstream” on this planet and I love it!!

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