Upcoming Events with Soul Set in Motion

The Way of Women, a facilitated sharing circle

Together we can tap into our feminine energies, harness the powers of authenticity, intuition and empathy to help us heal our pasts, make better decisions, improve our relationships, and create more fulfilling experiences in our lives.

The Way of Women, is a facilitated sharing circle to help us discover what it means to be empowered women in this particular time in history, and explore how we can support each other to stand in our unique source of power without sacrificing what we have, want, and need. Warning: some amount of meditation, journaling, dancing, laughing and real honest sharing may occur 🙂 Rumor is there also may be chocolate!!

This event is sponsored by Soul Set in Motion and facilitated by Tracy Martin, author, empowerment coach, and founder of the Real Women of Wonder Retreat. Check out her bio HERE!

Location: Meeting space at Keller Williams Realty NE, 8555 N. River Road, #200, Indianapolis, IN

August 26th, “Balancing Our Competing Needs for Both Independence (freedom) and Security (connection)” Event offering $5 – $20.00

Sorry, All Seats Are SOLD OUT!!