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As Good as Gold: A 12-Step Guide to Self-love, Honor & Respect (2021) by Tracy Martin

It is in those rare moments when we’re agonizing over the love we can’t seem to find or hold onto that a door cracks open and a tiny sliver of light falls across our path beckoning us to follow it to the truth of who we are. This twelve-step guide isn’t designed to fix what could never be broken, but to dispel a lot of the myths and lies we learned as children that make it damn near impossible for us to love, honor, and respect ourselves with any amount of consistency.

As Good as Gold offers the kind of aftercare we all need when we’ve been shaken up by love’s sweet promises broken. A life-coach for women starting over, Tracy invites you to step into your own journey of self-discovery and self-love. In each chapter, she reveals another step forward in that process, complete with honoring exercises to help you discover the boundless love within you. These twelve steps will, through your own unique perspective, lead you to your treasure chest of gold, the love, honor, and respect you’ve always wanted.

If I Were Good: a memoir (2019) by Tracy Martin

Simply put, approval had to come from a man – at least that’s what Martin thought. She hurried to get married, failed at that, and hurried to get married again. She changed nearly everything about herself to fit in with her new husband’s life. For him, she became a hippie, an activist, a green-thumbed survivalist. She threw out her high heels and makeup in favor of Birkenstocks and cotton pants. Together they left their comfortable urban life and became back-to-the-landers, hell-bent on saving Mother Earth. But what began as an optimistic intentional community experiment soon turned into a partner-swapping sex scandal that wasn’t at all what she’d signed up for. Now, how could she ever get back to some kind of good?

Who are we as women?
Where does our power and confidence come from?
How can we find our way as women when live in a culture dominated by masculine energy that influences the way decisions are made, problems are solved, and policies are created? Logic, force, and reason seem to rule our lives. But is that the only way?
How can we tap into our feminine energies to inform our lives? How can we access the powers of authenticity, intuition and empathy to help us make better decisions, improve our relationships, and create more fulfilling experiences in our lives?This obscure, less-travelled path, the Way of Women is waiting for us to discover its fruitful, life-supporting, caring, loving beauty. Let’s walk this path together…let’s talk about it!
The Way of Women, is a facilitated discussion group seeking clarity on what it means to be women in this era and exploring how we can stand in our unique source of power without sacrificing what we have, want, and need.
Event cost $30.00

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