Hi, I’m Tracy

Thousands of people today feel lost without a clear sense of purpose in their lives. Having been there myself, I teach others how to find fulfillment in activating and living their true potential.

For years, I felt embarrassed not knowing who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Why couldn’t I be happy like everyone else just working a good job?

Then one day I discovered that it wasn’t just me! A lot of my peers felt the same thing. We were simply keeping quiet out of fear that we were defective or damaged in some way. <p>It seemed paramount to get “things” right the first time…as if there was only one right way and only one chance to lasso success and happiness.


Once I understood the magnitude of our situation, I set out to answer this pressing question: How do we find fulfillment in our lives?

There had to be another way!

So after fifteen years of research, study, and good old-fashioned experience, I found it – how to activate and live my true potential, so I could experience happiness, fulfillment and a whole new meaning of success.

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Professional Bio

Like all good writers, my life’s focus has revolved around seeking answers to some of life’s most fascinating questions like who are we, and why are we here? In my popular blog, Soul Set in Motion I explore those questions relentlessly to understand what it means to be fully human. As a writer I’ve been busy and found success with my breakout novel, Skin Deep [Amazon], an eBook series on Conscious Living, and I’m currently working on a true life story, If I Were GOØD, a love/hate relationship with the Divine!

Public speaking is one of my greatest passions because I get a chance to share my story, my spiritual journey, and the lessons I’ve learned in the hopes of helping others. I’ll talk about almost anything, but my expertise is around the subjects of Learning Self Love, Personal Empowerment and Living Your True Potential. I’ve spent much of my life as a teacher in the creative arts, specifically, writing and dancing which gives me some clout as an audience communicator who speaks with clarity and passion about these important life issues.

But my best work by far is the one-on-one connections I make with people who want to up level their lives and engage in the kind of personal/spiritual development that can change the World! As a graduate of Beyond Your Best®, Life Coaching Seminar and Vision in Action® Leadership training, I’ve gained tons of experience enabling me to work with clients from all walks of life. Having lived these concepts in my own life, I understand my client’s needs. They would tell you that I have a tendency to lead them forward with compassion, patience and a little kick-ass (unconditional) love!