Giveaway!! As Good as Gold: A 12-Step Guide to Self-love, Honor & Respect

As Good as Gold: A 12-Step Guide to Self-Love, Honor & Respect

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“Tracy Martin’s As Good as Gold, is like The Artist’s Way for love—real medicine for the soul to help us learn what self-love truly means.” ~Alisha M. Wielfaert, host of the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast

“If you’re a woman in search of a loving and powerful voice to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, then look no further. As Good as Gold is more than a book, it’s your new lease on living life lovingly and joyfully, just as it was intended!” ~Nora Zarvos, L.C.S.W, Relationship Coach

“As Good as Gold is as good as it gets—a 12-step guide infused with optimism, humor and practical advice on how to discover more self-love and acceptance.” ~Julie McGuire, Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry

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It’s in those rare moments when we’re agonizing over the love we can’t seem to find or hold onto that a door cracks open and a tiny sliver of light falls across our path beckoning us to follow it to the truth of who we are. This twelve-step guide isn’t designed to fix what could never be broken, but to dispel a lot of the myths and lies we learned as children that make it damn near impossible for us to love, honor, and respect ourselves with any amount of consistency. 

As Good as Gold offers the kind of aftercare we all need when we’ve been shaken up by love’s sweet promises broken. A life-coach for women starting over, Tracy invites you to step into your own journey of self-discovery and self-love. In each chapter, she reveals another step forward in that process, complete with honoring exercises to help you discover the boundless love within you. These twelve steps will, through your own unique perspective, lead you to your treasure chest of gold, the love, honor, and respect you’ve always wanted.

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