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Gain Confidence Sharing Your Gifts

Do you have fears about sharing your gifts with the world? Do you lack the confidence to take it all the way? Are you susceptible to negative feedback and criticism?

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Just yesterday, I flipped my calendar from March to April just to get a quick peek into the future.

This was the outlook:, sabotageOkay, I had to laugh. This all-too-familiar saying really got to me, but not in the way you might think. You see, I don’t really need anyone else to weigh in, because I already do a pretty good job of judging myself and keeping myself small. My own fears and doubts are worse than anything anyone else could throw at me.

I admit there are voices out there, mostly undercover naysayers, but how much power do they really have over our abilities to manage and realize our dreams?

Who has the small mind?

Who is successful at convincing you?

It’s you. No one could tell you anything or convince you of anything that you don’t already believe is true. I can tell you from experience, you wouldn’t even listen if you’d made up your mind about what you believe. We fall prey to voices that match the negative ones already operating in our minds!

Why do we blame others for what we’re already doing on our own?

It’s no one else’s small mind that prevents us from believing in our dreams. We must learn to take responsibility for the thoughts that either propel us or stop us. As long as we’re handing off our potential failures to someone else, we’ll never move forward toward what we want.

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share your gifts with the world, My ability to have what I want, and do what I want are limited by my fears, worries and doubts first. I stop myself from doing things I might not be good at. I put off doing things that might be uncomfortable, like asking for help or learning a new skill. I listen to the voices in my head, allowing my fears and perceived limitations to keep me wishing instead of acting.

It’s always my decision to listen and take heed of the naysayer within…or not!

Now for me, I’ve done some work around facing my fears. I’ve finally become strong enough in my belief of my ability and persistence to push past my inner critic. But I didn’t learn to do this alone. If I only ever had to rely on my own limited perception of myself, I’d be doomed.

Alone, I judge and ridicule my efforts because I’ve forgotten how and why I was inspired in the first place. I fall prey to an idea that the outcome is mine to control and it’s not. Or that success (or lack of) means something about who I am at the core and it doesn’t. Those are just self-centered ways of thinking about my gifts. Because they’re not just mine.

And I’m not alone in utilizing my gifts.

It’s that knowing which has bolstered my belief in what I can accomplish. I know the universe has a vested interest in seeing my gifts show up in the world. It supports my efforts. I came into this world with my particular gifts so  I can use them for good. And for this reason, I’m not alone in working it out. The universe wants my success. I can tap into that deeper, wiser aspect of myself that knows I’m capable, strong and brave, things my inner critic would never admit to.

With the support of the universe, I can relax into a calm realization that the outcome isn’t nearly as important as the effort. Because I can only give at the level of my current capability and in most cases it’s enough for now. I get to keep growing. I understand my gifts require development and that takes practice. I can’t grow, practice or hone my skills as long as I’m selfishly rejecting them as not good enough.

What I’m doing here isn’t even for me to judge whether its enough or relevant. I’m following the drift of desire. Something bigger and greater believes in me and it’s my responsibility to tap into that and courageously take advantage of the resources surrounding me.

I am not alone.

And you aren’t alone either.

There are people everywhere with big thinking who want to help. You came with an important gift to share and the universe supports the gifts still latent with potential. You’ve already been given what you need to grow and use the gifts you were born with. Sometimes that support is within you and sometimes it’s out there among the people of the world.

Your love, passion and unique gifts are wanted and needed in this world. It’s not for you to judge what’s enough. It’s not for you to keep your participation on hold forever. Sharing your gifts is how you honor and claim your place here. Now is the time. You can’t deny what’s pushing its way out of you. You’re going there anyway, eventually, so why not accept that and get busy shifting your thinking about it?

Image by Alejandro Piñero Amerio from Pixabay

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