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6 Gifts You Gain After Letting Go

If something isn’t adding to your growth, but forcing you to give in more than you’d like, it’s probably holding you back. If a situation is demanding way more than you’re prepared to give, it’s probably holding you back. If a person or activity makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s most definitely holding you back!!

When you’re aware that something is holding you back, what it really comes down to is how much longer will you hold on. Perhaps you haven’t thought much about how you’ll feel when you finally let go. When we know we need to make a change we’re often so focused on what we’ll lose when we let go that we can’t see the gifts we’ll gain.

Well, just for a moment, let’s consider what lies on the other side of letting go!

Freedom, of course, and all of the juicy things that go along with it.

Increased Motivation

Once you’re free, you’ll find yourself more motivated to do the things you love, to take chances and go after what you want. When we’re being held back, our apathy and boredom keep us from trying in any real way to make our lives better. It’s normal to feel motivated and inspired if you’re pursuing what matters to you. If not, you’ll usually feel like something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it.

Enhanced Creativity

You’ll see solutions where there didn’t seem to be any before. You’ll want to make positive moves into the future and you may even find new creative endeavors to explore. You’ll return to the things you love and find new things to expand your life. Creativity is a natural state of human beings. I’m not just talking about making art or music, I’m referring to creating the types of experiences and opportunities for yourself that make life fulfilling. I’m talking about making things happen!

A Lightness of Being

To be free from complaining, blaming and lack of control creates a lightness in our daily stride. We wake up renewed with excitement about what the day might hold. When you’re not being held back, you feel like flying, like you can do or be anything! Wouldn’t you love to get the weight off of your shoulders? Check into what’s causing you the most stress and identify ways to cut the strings of unnecessary attachments.

Improved Health

After letting go, we often experience a renewed desire to take care of our physical, emotional, and mental health. We become aware of all the ways we were simply surviving and not really thriving. Most people re-prioritize self-love and personal care after breaking up with people who don’t support healthy habits. It’s as, after having blinders on for so long, we can suddenly see what’s important and we begin anew to take care of our health and well-being.

Greater Confidence

When we’re being held back, we tend to wait a lot for permission, for advice, for someone or something else to pull the strings for us. As a result, we lose confidence in our capabilities. We forget who we are and the power we have to make a difference for ourselves and others. But once we are free and begin taking more risks and chances, we regain the courage and strength to do things on our own…the things that matter, things that bring us joy and happiness.


On the other side of confinement, a vast space opens up for us. It is the place where the dark shadow of anxiety and stress had been living. Once free, your heart and mind feel more spacious, more open. This is the condition Spirit needs to fill your life with more of the things that will aid in your personal growth and expand you as a spiritual being in search of love, passion, and purpose.

let go, letting go, freedom, breaking up, quittingThis is what life is like for untethered souls! Human beings who have eliminated self-sabotaging behavior and let go of people, places, and things not in alignment with their life vision gain access to the empowered gifts of Spirit: motivation, creativity, lightness, health, confidence, and openness.

If this is not your current experience, what do you think is holding you back? Meditate on that a few minutes and the answer will come to you clearly. Your heart knows.

If this is your life experience, tell me, how can we, together, help more people want this kind of freedom for themselves?



Image by Zigmars Berzins from Pixabay

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