Anyone and everyone can live with more passion no matter what your life circumstances look like now. Passion isn't at all about what you're doing with your life, it's about how you're doing life! Passion is feeling alive...feeling life.

How to Live with More Passion


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

~Maya Angelou

Anyone and everyone can live with more passion no matter what your life circumstances look like now. Passion isn’t at all about what you’re doing with your life, it’s about how you’re doing life!

Passion is feeling alive…feeling life, no matter what.

Now I personally find this to be a huge relief because what we now do to survive may not live up to our big imaginations about who we were going to be. We might not be famous or have a thriving high-profile career, but we do make an impact by what we say and do – by how we live every day. Living with passion and on purpose is all about creating a life in which you feel worthy, integral, whole, and happy.

So here are seven ways that you can approach living more passionately.

1. Chase the Freedom of Authenticity

Living passionately begins with making a commitment to personal self-discovery. We must fully understand who we are so that we can express who we are. It’s about feeling everything so we can experience the full range of being human. Gather the courage to clock out of society’s prescription for a normal life and create one of your own. Create your own definitions of success based on what your soul is longing for. Authenticity is a gift you give to yourself alone. No one likes themselves when they fake, lie, cheat or deceive. Through self-discovery, I learned to be more honest in my relationships with others because I knew I had to represent the real me, even if I wasn’t always proud of it. I learned to be proud of where I was in the moment, knowing I was going places and becoming more of who I imagined myself to be. Be fearlessly you, even if you don’t 100% know what that is yet. Keep asking yourself, is this me? And seek the answers within.

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2. Say Yes to All of Life

For me, Self-discovery started by saying YES to things I really wanted but didn’t think I deserved. In many cases, I didn’t know how to make things happen but I trusted my soul and the Universe to help me find the way. Try not to get stuck in the way things are. Things change. You change. Be open to changes, even when they may seem unfamiliar and scary. Say yes to every experience knowing that you’ve come here to see and know the ALL, not just half. Say yes and then choose your direction without criticism of the way you didn’t choose. Allow others to make their own choices and you make yours. Choose happiness, lightness, and freedom. Say Yes to what YOU want and need.

3. Let Go of Bullshit

Stop trying to always be right; you’ll feel wrong more often than not. Stop hanging onto every word that others say; it’s usually not about you anyway. Stop worrying what others think about the way you look; either good or bad, it’s surface-level stuff. Stop worrying about things that will pass in a day or two; they are a blip in the scheme of your life. Let go of the bullshit that has you constantly seeking approval and trying to manage the way people perceive you. These things are like anchors weighing you down and keeping you from experiencing the more important things in life, the passion of being here now.

Anyone and everyone can live with more passion no matter what your life circumstances look like now. Passion isn't at all about what you're doing with your life, it's about how you're doing life! Passion is feeling alive...feeling life.4. Tune into Feeling

Tune into your internal guidance system for making decisions and knowing how to interact in ways that allow you to express vulnerability but still maintain boundaries of safety and comfort when needed. Notice how your thoughts and feelings interact with each other and with the world out there. Passionate people feel deeply, They live with the full spectrum of human emotions, unafraid to let them show. Honestly, I don’t like crying in public. It makes my face do weird things that aren’t pretty! But sometimes it happens and I’m learning to allow it, to let others see that I’m real and I get sad and there’s a depth to my sadness that is unique and full of life. I don’t want to deny the parts of myself society is squeamish about. To deny any part is to deny the whole. We don’t get to pick and choose. I’ll feel this, but not that. 

5. Health and Healing

A healthy body exudes passion. It’s up to us, each and every day, to make choices that fuel the body with everything it needs to remain vital, strong, and expressive. This includes taking the steps to heal from old trauma and release the tension of repressed emotion. The body must be given permission to feel not only good feelings but also the not-so-pretty ones too. Again, we should never accept less than wholeness for our lives and we need to work hard for that because as a society we have a tendency to believe more in our brokenness than our inherent wholeness and consequently we live and choose under the influence of that belief. And I’m here to tell you, it’s not true. You are whole, you are complete. You are exactly perfect for living your life. Take your health seriously because no one else will if you don’t.

6. Seek Passionate Mentors

Both in your life and in the media, seek out people who are living life with passion and purpose. Let them be your teacher, your guide for making choices, and living what matters. They will show you how to be true to self and to also love others, two barometers of passionate living. Choose role models who step into the world with a helping hand. Let them show you the difference between compassionate service and making a living. If there are people out there doing it, so can you. The one thing that makes all things possible is seeing yourself in the light of that which you desire. Find someone who will mirror your greatness back to you.

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7. Love Often and With Abandon

Love everything and everyone you can. You don’t have to be in an intimate relationship to experience love. You are love in the flesh. Go out into each and every day with the idea that you show up as love in the world, that you have love to offer. Savor, enjoy, appreciate. Ask yourself what passion looks like to you and then follow your heart. In the words of poet Mary Oliver, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Never stop asking this question. Because life is about passionately seeking the answer to what more you can do, and who can you possibly be.

Let’s consider the possibilities!

Let’s make some new intentions for your life, for you. Passionate living begins with making a commitment to know yourself, love yourself, and show yourself more fully every day. Let’s do this together.
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