Self-love doesn't need to be learned, it needs to be allowed. Love is our nature, not something we acquire. Get your Free 30-Day Journal to Self Love.

Discover Your Own Brand of Self-Love

Did you know that love is not the same for everyone? Discovering Your Own Brand of Self-Love is a unique journey…it happens when we take a step back toward where we came from to discover what we want and need to make our lives richer, fuller, more satisfying.

Growing up, I was educated about what love means through television, the movies, songs, and romance novels. On top of that, my family’s religion and my parents’ expectations that I be a good girl” had me experimenting with all kinds of formulas to earn the love I needed. Love was something that seemed in such short supply in the world!

Needless to say, I failed to earn any love that was worth a damn. My quest for love became a confusing thorn in my side, digging into my self-esteem, burning me from the inside out. Each and every disappointment took its toll on my faith and trust in love.

I had a problem loving and allowing myself to be loved. My love factory had been shut down for years and I wasn’t even aware. Cobwebs were hanging like streamers from the ceiling and the machinery for love rusted and froze shut.

I didn’t believe it was possible to salvage anything from the mess I called my “love life.”

It took a great deal of disillusionment with traditional ideas about romantic love for me to finally reject our culture’s definitions of how to love and be loved in return. That’s when I began searching for new ways of knowing and understanding love.

self-love-3969644_1920I felt astonished when I realized that I didn’t actually have a problem with self-love; I had an even bigger problem.

I had no idea what LOVE was in any sense at all!

Or so I thought…

Before I could love myself or anyone for that matter, I had to reformulate my understanding of love. I did this through reading, therapy, coaching and meditation and a lot of writing. What I’ve come to understand in that period of discovery is that we are all born knowing what it means to love and be loved. That knowledge is encoded in our souls. It is endless and pure.

But over time we allow other information to overshadow what we know is true about ourselves and others when it comes to love. Taking an inventory of and challenging those misconceptions is how we get back to our original knowledge of ourselves as loving beings.

Your knowledge of Love lives inside of you and wants to emerge. Your life is a sacred journey of self-love – like a flower unfolding in spring, a seed gently emerging, the Higher Self coming into its own.

Self-love doesn’t need to be learned, it needs to be allowed. Love is our nature, not something we acquire. All knowledge of self-love is built-in; it only needs to be nurtured for it to emerge into the world with confidence and clarity. In these 30 days of journal writing, you will uncover what you really know about love, empower your relationship with yourself and make new commitments to being whole and happy with who you are.

self love cover emergenceAnd that’s why I created a 30-Day Self-Love Discovery Journal which contains the questions I asked myself to uncover the truth about my LOVE.

I wanted to share these with others so they too could uncover some of the more beautiful truths about who they are and their own unique brand of self-love. It is available on Amazon, as a bound paperback, but you can download a free copy by clicking the link below. 


Also, feel free to share this link with friends. I’d love for it to get in the hands of as many people as possible. Self-love benefits all of us. You can also share this post using the social media buttons below!



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  1. Thanks so much for sharing – loving your post today! I went on a journey of self-love in the late 90’s and have continued to work on it for myself and my whole well being. That self care and self compassion. That being true to who you are. Nourishing and nurturing your WHOLE being – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. That mind body connection. Tuning and tapping into what you crave, love, have a passion for, etc. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  2. Thanks Dear. I strongly believe we have to take this journey intentionally, not just “hope” it will happen for us one day – that we’ll just wake up one day in love with self. My experience is you have to go after it. Thanks for sharing!

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