Have you ever felt overwhelmed and caught yourself saying, OMG, if I could just get ahead! When we feel behind in our jobs, with housework, our finances, our every last effort can feel useless, futile.

What Does it Take to Get Ahead?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and caught yourself saying, OMG, if I could just get ahead! When we feel behind in our jobs, with housework, our finances, our every last effort can feel useless, futile.

So, I’m out here mowing my grass for the second time this week. It’s been a beautiful spring here in Indiana, plenty of rain, a nice mix of clouds, sun and slowly lifting temperatures…perfect grass growing weather! I want to complain about something here, but I can’t! It’s been incredible…and then there’s the new grass I planted in late February growing about a foot a week. I love that it’s doing so well, but I can’t get ahead of the mowing no matter what I do.

What is it going to take to get ahead?

Well, this is not going to come as a welcome surprise…we can’t.

And this is why:

When you wish to get ahead, you’re trying to secure the future and that’s quite impossible. You can plan, save and strategize, but life is going to surprise you at every turn in the road. Isn’t that nice? For every step you take, the road rises up to meet you and you get to take another step.

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious about where this life is taking you and worried you won’t have enough time, money or whatever, you’re living in what I like to all, scare-city, or scarcity.

Constantly wishing we could “get ahead” is a clear indicator that we feel like we’re behind and we don’t believe we have what it takes to make tomorrow work out splendidly. We’re worried about the future and we’re afraid to admit it. But we need to face this because our fears about not being able to live up to tomorrow can rob us of today.  We know that it’s true. No one on Earth knows about tomorrow, but we can know that we’ve come this far by doing something right. We’ve survived by our own wits and a little help from family and friends.

girl-2175843_1920The reality is, we’re not behind. We’re not lacking. We’re keeping up which is all we are ever meant to do.  In fact, in most cases, we’re actually killing it.

You’re killing it!

You’re keeping up just fine. You’re making it from today and into each tomorrow, with some to spare. You don’t need to get ahead. You need to focus on right now. It’s exactly where you need to be, doing the best you can in each and every moment.

You might even find out when you engage fully in each moment that there’s more joy in whatever you’re doing right where you are. I’m not saying it’s easy; I’m saying you might want to try.

So the sun is shining and it’s 70 sweet degrees as I wheel the lawnmower out to play again. I’m outside and soaking up some vitamin D thinking about how I longed for this during the winter…and here it is. And here I am.

Life is not a race. And if it were, why would you be in such a hurry to get to the finish line? There is no special comfort zone in the future where we’ll have all the answers. We have to find comfort with where we are now. We can do that by noticing when we’re caught up in wishing we could “get ahead” and then choosing instead to be here doing our best and asking for help when needed. And when we choose this path, we’re learning to enter the future better able to handle all things, better able to breathe.

Hey friends, thanks for reading as always…If you feel inclined, share the one thing you wish you could get ahead on…what fear does it represent? Where are you really at?

Or journal about it on your own.

Have a happy first week of June…




  1. Great Post! I try to think about staying present and focused on the task at hand. Just ease into and enjoy it. I recently read an article about unifocus – basically focusing on one thing and how it can bring about calm and balance (i.e. mowing the lawn, getting creative, etc.). I like that word! Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  2. When I think of how little of the time I’m really and truly present, it’s shocking. And I’m trying…
    Still this idea of getting ahead creeps in often and I’m really beginning to know it for what it is. I like your comment because it made me realize, we only ever have two choices, ease into or resist and we know the effects of both. Thanks.

  3. I think another aspect of the idea of getting ahead is that we are wanting/needing/craving that growth/transition and maybe transformation to that next level. It is not necessarily about keeping up with another person, but being competitive with ourselves in reaching that next step, goal, milestone, etc. Sometimes we forget to experience the journey trying to get to the destination. Wishing you the BEST – Take Care 🙂

  4. Yes, agreed. I’m definitely in a transition phase that feels very different from in the past, which is both exciting and scary…I know it will only bring more good.

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