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Can We Ever Really Go Back?

Whenever you find yourself at a crossroads or a place in life where your path seems foggy, it’s natural to panic a little. It’s easy to consider turning back, back to a former relationship, a previous job or position, back to school, to a time, place, or activity you knew before. Why is the temptation to go back to when things were more predictable, more familiar so strong?

Well, at the very least, you knew who you were back then (or so it seems). It’s very, very tempting, but in reality, it’s only a distraction from what’s happening now – you are evolving. You’re being prepared for a bigger better future.

We walk away from the past and certain experiences because we learned what we needed to at the time in order to evolve. Going back can’t solve our dilemma or dissolve our feelings of discomfort (at least not for long). Those are necessary parts of growing and evolving.

Our soul desires evolution and it will always find a way even if we’re not 100% ready. We might not have the answers for how that will happen or what the next experience will be for us. We may need to sit at this crossroads for a while, listening to our heart, waiting on a forward-moving train. Believe me, it will come. It always does.

I’m not saying we can NEVER go back, because I’ve known people who discover a long lost love and are happier than ever, but often we don’t know the difference between that and running away from our fears about the future.

Whenever we find ourselves at a crossroads or a place in life where our path seems foggy, it's natural to panic. When you feel stuck there, it's easy to consider turning back, going back to a former relationship, a previous job or position, back to school, to a time, place or activity you knew before. Back where things are more predictable, more familiar. At the very least, we knew who we were back then. It's very, very temptingSo the next time you get the urge to go back to some former version of yourself, pay attention to how the thought of it feels. You’ll notice when you think about going back, there’s no actual excitement, just a desire for safety calling you.

You’re longing to slip into something familiar.

But moving forward feels different, like excitement, inspiration, and probably a little fear all mixed together. When the time is right, moving forward pulls you along like swimming downstream in a flowing river. Things just feel right. Even if a challenge awaits us, we’re happy to embrace it because it aligns with how we imagine our best selves emerging. It is easy now to say YES!

Believe me, the time is coming; it always does.

So try not to get so freaked out by the unknowns in life that you follow the temptation back to a place that’s no longer right for you. Recognize the feelings of discomfort and the overwhelming nostalgia for another time for what they really are – our inner child’s need for safety and security.

As humans, we all gravitate toward certainty and comfort at times. Honor those feelings for what they are and rather than going back to what you’ve already mastered, find another healthy way to comfort yourself while you wait for answers.

Perhaps do less and be more – be available to your friends and family. Be attentive and curious. Be open and willing. Listen. Learn. Maybe take a class you’ve been interested in. Maybe visit a new local place you’ve never been to before. Be creative, doodle, write, put your hands in the Earth and grow something wild.

When we don’t know what’s next for us, the best thing we can do is open our hearts and minds to what the Universe has available for us. Intentionally leave your comfort zone more often so you can begin to allow new aspects of your being to unfold. New acquaintances, new activities, new ideas are waiting for you!! Let go of the limited thinking that has you solidly in one way of life.

You are way more than you currently are aware of! You are unlimited in your potential.

Have you ever felt that your life has stalled? How do you handle wondering what’s next?

Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. I need to remind myself to not get so wrapped up in the busy. That is when I start reflecting back to those younger and carefree days. I need to carve out time to have fun, play, laugh, relax, etc. That matters! Enjoyed your post today – thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy Day

  2. Going back often doesn’t work out the way you imagined it would anyway.

  3. Wow, that’s when it happens to me most as well…when I get overwhelmed, I also get stressed and uncomfortable and begin longing for a time that was easier. You said it exactly. The remedy is indeed to enjoy what we’ve been working so hard for.

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