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Hey everyone,

Is it ever okay to “rest on your laurels?”

Well, I’ve been sick all week. I mean down and out, in-the-bed sick with a cold. I couldn’t even read a book, my mind was so foggy. It was hard for me to lay low and do nothing. It’s not in my nature, but it’s exactly what I needed. I wrote nothing special for the blog this week. I chose instead to rest and let the grass grow as tall as it wants to.

The phrase dates back into the 2nd century and “to ‘rest on one’s laurels‘ isn’t considered at all a praiseworthy strategy – it suggests a decline into laziness and lack of application.” We are a culture giving praise to uber-productivity, but what happens when you simply can’t produce?

When we’re feeling down and off our usual game, it’s important we don’t get caught up in thoughts about what we’re not doing. We need all of our energy just to get well and back on our feet again. So this week I chose to “rest on” what I’ve already accomplished…to your good fortune. I decided to simply give away some of that good stuff this week. Enter below to win a copy of the book I published this year and the online course I launched late last year. And if you’re ever in the same boat, I urge you to focus on what you have accomplished. I bet it’s a lot.

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