Overwhelm is the space between two conflicting self-beliefs. And even though you've committed to adopting the positive life-affirming version, it doesn't mean you won't sometimes waver. And that's why it’s not enough to simply believe in yourself.

Facing Moments of Overwhelm…and Surviving

Life can feel a lot like a roller coaster. This information is probably nothing new to you.

It’s nothing new to me either which is why I can never understand why I feel so-o-o surprised when after coasting to the top of a hill; the cart of my life feels like it’s going to implode as I begin the crashing descent on the other side. Why does it feel like the first time all over again? As if I’ve never done this before? Why do I need to hold on for dear life when things get shaky and much too fast? I keep waiting, one of these times, for it to get easier…

Or maybe not happen at all.
But it always happens, up and then down…

The trouble started, not when I took nine days off for a family vacation, but the moment the plane touched down in Indianapolis. I’m driving home from the airport exhausted from a delayed flight thinking about what I need to do tomorrow.

Then tomorrow comes and I’m stuck. Even though I have a hundred ideas and things I want to accomplish, I can’t just jump right back in where I left off and it’s frustrating! Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s exactly because I have so many things taking up space in my head that I don’t know where to begin, what to focus on…what’s most important right now.

Feeling confused and uncertain, fears begin to take over. I’m too impatient. I can’t work fast enough. I’ll never get it all done. I’m drowning in ideas I don’t have the time or ability to implement. I can’t focus…it’s just too much. And the worst, maybe I’m just not meant to do this!

I’m far down the road of my future and disoriented by the landscape there. No wonder I feel lost.

I know my own advice: Enjoy the ride. One step at a time (baby steps). The present is your place of power. I know all of this intellectually, but at the moment all I can feel is overwhelmed.

For me, overwhelm happens when I feel like I’m not up to the task I’ve assigned myself. It makes me want to get off the ride and hide under the covers as a five-year-old would. When I’m overwhelmed, I feel like an imposter simply faking it, someone who said they could or would, but really, they can’t. I want to feel grateful for the gifts of inspiration because they are many, more than I could ever really do justice to, but right now, they’re making me feel like a loser.

And it’s that thought that has me stymied and frozen: I’m not worthy of this life I’ve chosen to create.

But the good news is, I have been here before, enough to know that there’s only one way to survive this part of the ride. When I’m balled up and tense, softening into the moment is the only thing that can ease the pressure. Letting go of the tight grip I have on my life, I can allow whatever needs to happen to surface. From this place, I can more easily find a gap in the current of my life, a place I can re-enter more gently, doing whatever is needed for the few hours that follow.

Overwhelm is the space between two conflicting self-beliefs. And even though you’ve committed to adopting the positive life-affirming version, it doesn’t mean you won’t sometimes waver. And that’s why it’s not enough to simply believe in yourself. You have to believe in what your Higher Self knows about you that you do not – a bigger stretch by far. When we soften we allow the Universe to join us, to show us the way, hold us steady and safe, and carry the bigger picture so we can enjoy the view.

If you can relate to sharing this feeling at times, let me know in the comments below.

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