The next time someone asks you, "how are you today?" take a moment and really am I being in the world. Am I running around taking care of everyone else's obligations or am I

How You Are Today

How are you?

Others ask us this question all of the time. It’s come to symbolize more of an obligatory nod to niceness and less a show of care and concern. I don’t think it’s that people don’t want to know how we are, but we seldom take the time to contemplate our personal state and answer honestly. How often do you say, “fine,” without giving it a second thought?

Most of us don’t take the question seriously, but what if we did?

What could happen if we regularly took careful stock of how we are being in the world?

What if we used those words to focus, not on how’s life treating me, but how am I treating life? How am I engaging with people? How am I using my gifts? How much do I really care? Do I treat others with kindness or impatience? Do I balance my needs with those of others? Am I connecting or avoiding? Do I know when to stop and when to move ahead? Do I care enough to ask people who I meet something more specific than how are you?

The next time someone asks you, “how are you today?” take a moment and really think…how am I being in the world. Am I running around taking care of everyone else’s obligations or am I consciously creating a life that makes me feel empowered and purposeful? Am I somewhat in charge of my thoughts or do I let them ruin my life with negative self-talk? Am I taking care of myself so that I can take care of others? Am I staying in a situation that I know isn’t right for me or am I choosing my tribe wisely?

The quality of your life depends on your day to day experience of it.

In general, how are you creating your experience? I’m not talking about an occasional bad day because we all have those now and then. Days when we’re not feeling well physically, days when we fall behind and can’t seem to catch up, days when our kids are driving us up the wall.

But if you’re living in hell nearly every day, for whatever reason, look for the closest lifeline and begin to make a change. If your honest answer to how you are today isn’t good enough for you, if it has you feeling like a victim of circumstance, then you need to make some life changes that allow you to be in charge of your day to day more fully.

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The point of what I’m suggesting is to build awareness of your being-ness. To notice how you’re being and take some small bit of control over that. Your answer to this seemingly inane question should act as a barometer of your life. I’m not trying to trivialize life’s sometimes giant problems, I’m just saying that if you could use this one inane question to empower yourself and check in with how you’re living, then you’d be making a daily inventory that’d be hard to ignore. You might even like how you’re be-coming as a result.

Thanks, friends for reading and I hope someone inquires today, how are you?


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