Abundance has nothing to do with numbers. It's a mental game, a mindset that continually reminds us to stay focused in the present, practice gratitude, and take control of what you have now by creating a lifestyle that respects your income.

Feel More Abundance NOW

The winter months can be a tough time on many levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially as individuals struggle to recover from two months of holidays. We’ve all done a little more cooking, shopping, eating, drinking, going out, and spending – well, a little more than usual. Almost everyone is feeling a pinch in their pocketbooks and paychecks, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel poor in spirit too. Learning how to harness the feeling of abundance despite the numbers in your bank balance can lead to greater feelings of confidence and empowerment any time of year. It’s something all of us can do.

Let’s begin with what keeps us from feeling less than abundant.

Living in the Future

It’s important to think about the future, to save and set aside for things we want and need, but excessive worry about not having enough money down the road leads to anxiety and feelings of lack and poverty. We look at today’s bank balance and worry about how we’ll pay for tomorrow. When we’re constantly stuck in thoughts about not having enough, we fail to acknowledge our ability to make more. When we step out of the present moment, we’re unable to acknowledge the general flow of abundance. We forget how creative we can be when needed.

Not Recognizing What You  Have

Often times we’re unable to see that our current needs are being met. We focus too much on what we don’t have and not enough on what’s right in front of us. Not giving thanks or appreciation for your home, transportation, food to eat and the clothes on your back leads to a constant struggle to fill gaps that aren’t really there at all. Blindness to what you have makes you feel inadequate, not abundant. When we can’t find gratitude easily, we get confused about the difference between wants and needs. Consequently, we apply expectations and judgments on our current financial states that make us feel crappy about what we don’t have. Lack of gratitude also points to a lack of trust in the larger purpose for your life, and a power greater than you ensuring your needs are met.

Living Beyond Your Means

Racking up credit card debt is the same as borrowing against your future income. The higher your debt balance, the less you’re actually making in the future because your minimum payments (plus interest) eat away at your salary. Got a raise this year? Forget about spending it. Every time you swipe without paying it off fully right away, you’re actually reducing your salary tomorrow. Debt is heavy, and it means you’re not in control of your resources. Debt places your efforts in the negative and denies the truth of your creative abundance.

How to Feel More Abundance NOW

Even if you are in debt or not where you want to be financially, you can still feel abundant right NOW. Being abundant has very little to do with what you actually have or don’t have, and everything to do with mindset and choice. Think about it…we’re all making varying amounts of income. Some people make a LOT, and a lot of people aren’t making nearly as much. Yet, there are people making $30,000 a year who feel and live more abundantly than people making $100,000 a year, feeling like there’s never enough. Abundance has nothing to do with numbers. It’s a mental game, a mindset that continually reminds us to stay focused in the present, practice gratitude, and take control of what you have now by creating a lifestyle that respects your income.

Let’s break it down:

1. Focus on the Present

When we focus on the present moment we can see in most cases, that all of our needs are met in the present. If you’ve ever been down to your very last dollar, you’ll know what I mean. I remember spending my last ten dollars to get my kids into a drive-in theatre where we bought and shared a pint of ice cream. Even though I didn’t have any more money, I knew I would be driving them home in my car which still had a half tank of gas. I would still tuck them into warm beds and tomorrow, I’d figure out what to do next. Was it ideal? No, but sitting on the hood of my car passing the pint of Ben & Jerry’s I knew something more important was happening. I’m not saying I never worried, but I learned a valuable lesson about abundance from not having a dime to my name: the world did not end when we ran out of money.

2. Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude EVERY day. Not just when things seem to be going good, but all the time. Make yourself a witness to what you have. Eventually, you will train yourself to know, without a doubt, that your basic needs are always met. You may come upon times when money is tight because it can happen to anyone no matter how much money you make. I know it’s hard not to worry about how you’re going to make rent when you lose your job or your hours are cut in January because business is slow. But gratitude will help you stay faithful in the up and down flow of abundance. Use this affirmation to keep the feeling strong: “At this moment, all of my needs are met…and at this moment…and this one. All of my needs are met right now.”

3. Take Control of What You Have

Choose to take control of your resources. Learn to separate how much you make from your personal value and sense of abundance. Do whatever it takes to get yourself out of debt. Take a year to funnel all of your extra money into paying off credit cards. Stop borrowing from your future income to pay for things you want today. Adjust your spending so you can live within your means. Get good at budgeting and adjusting your lifestyle as needed. You may have to do this several times in your life, especially as you transition through various life stages. Hire a financial advisor to help if you don’t know how to create a budget on your own. Being in control of your resources is a powerful feeling.

We live in a culture that promotes an idea that you need a certain income to feel successful, happy, or abundant, and anything less than that is not enough. But in truth, there is no magic number for any of us. We can claim our current income as enough and work with it to feel abundant with what we have now. Learn to believe in yourself more than money. It doesn’t mean we won’t (in the future) be making more, it just allows us to be happy with what we have today and to know that when we do make more, that’s the gravy.

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