this stuff isn't magic. By itself, none of it "works" unless YOU work it.  The extent to which any self-discovery tool can work depends on your level of desire and commitment to know yourself.

Who Will Save Your Soul?

One of my blog followers recently reached out to me and asked a very important question!! It was a question I hadn’t taken the time to answer for my followers. I felt a little embarrassed for missing it… so here it is now.

As many of you know, I teach a live journaling workshop called Writing Your Way Home which I recently spent months developing into an online course which is now available YAY!! It launches this week along with a bonus 2019 New Year Soul-Setting Guide. Because it’s the New Year, I’ve also partnered with a friend to host a local Vision Board Party where we’ll be writing a little and sharing in a guided meditation before crafting a collage representation of our vision for the year ahead. Clearly lots of fun on the horizon.

The Online Course is Half Off for a limited time only..Click here to check it out now!

What I know is that these opportunities can bring about big change in your life (as opposed to doing nothing).

And her question to me was: How do these things work?

The question got me thinking a lot about how easy it is to misunderstand the scope and purpose of what I do every day! It’s not a normal J-O-B. But it is a passion and a calling (one I honestly resisted for a long time).

Everything I do and offer to others is an effort to teach people to engage themselves, their inner landscape – their beliefs, thoughts and feelings. I help them discover beliefs they harbor that cause pain, and frustration, the things that keep them from the life they imagine. Once we become aware of our mixed belief system, we can set a new course deliberately and consciously toward a life where we’re free to express exactly who we are (i.e. Soul Set in Motion).

You can’t get very far if you don’t know where you’re going or why.

As I told my inquiring friend, this stuff isn’t magic. By itself, none of it “works” unless YOU work it.  The extent to which any self-discovery tool can work depends on your level of desire and commitment to know yourself. The writing prompts I’ve created point your awareness toward certain things. The specific questions lead you to understand yourself better. If you answer them honestly and fully, you can’t help but uncover things you don’t usually allow yourself to think about. This is the beginning of self-awareness.

I know all of this because I lived in an unconscious state for a very long time, waiting for someone or something to come along and make my life better. I tried reading books to “fix” myself. I hired psychologists and coaches to “tell me what to do.” I attended retreats, workshops, and events to try to “find” myself. And do you know what happened there? Someone shoved a mirror in my face. It was uncomfortable and it made me cry, but it was a clear message that if I wanted answers about my life and how to make it work, I’d have to go within, commit to self-discovery, look at the things I didn’t like and learn to love myself despite all that stuff.

The books, coaches and events I encountered all told me the same thing…that I didn’t need anything to fix me, find me or tell me what to do other than my own heart/mind which is always connected with the Universal Presence. There I would find my answers.  AND, …I had to want to know that girl looking back at me from the mirror. I had to stop hiding her and pretending to be what others wanted. I had to dig in deep and embrace her Magic. For all of that, I needed new tools.

The human heart/mind connects to words and images. We always have. Through these, we identify and define who we are. Our creative urges (writing, sculpting, collage) connect us with our inner knowledge and from that we learn what we want and need to flourish in life. If we spend time creating our self-knowledge “maps” and then keep those close at hand, our path becomes more clear and we become more confident about the lives we’re choosing intentionally. We’re no longer living unconsciously…by default.

That’s what manifestation really is. It isn’t magic…or a secret. It is the choice to live fully by getting to know your inner divinity and allowing it to unfold. It takes curiosity and trust and a big dose of courage.

The things I offer, the blog articles, workshops, online courses, affirmations, meditations, books, and journaling exercises are simply tools I’ve developed over time because they’ve helped me and many others learn about our divine nature and stay true to our purpose and path. If that’s what you’re looking for, maybe they can help you too.

If you’re in Indianapolis…our

Vision Board Workshop takes place on January 12th at Whole Holistic Soul Centre, 6434 N. College. We’d love to have you join us!

Happy New Year!! We’ve got a lot in store for 2019 and I hope to see you living in joy and freedom!!


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