When we seek success through allowing our deep desires, then we can hold on in even the toughest times and through the largest setbacks. When we're allowing our soul to be expressed, even the smallest micro success is a reason for celebration.

Trying is More Than Good Enough

I often see memes of the Star Wars character, Yoda saying, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

And I wholeheartedly disagree! Trying is more than good enough.

Trying is the beginning of the doing and a very fine place to start. Without the option to “try,” millions of people simply wouldn’t accomplish anything. For example, I didn’t know I could write a weekly blog until I tried. I’d never done it before. I knew nothing about the technology, or how to get readers. It took months of trying (and doing it quite badly) until I got the hang of it.

Also, I didn’t know I could write an entire book until I tried. I had a lot of doubts and fears, feelings of inadequacy, and moments of simply hating what I produced. I wrote more than fifteen drafts until I found my story. All the while, I was definitely trying. The feeling of actually “doing it” didn’t come until the very end, when I was certain of the homestretch. If I hadn’t given myself permission to try, I wouldn’t have completed it. I might not have even started.

People need encouragement to try, not be scared away from it with ideas of perfect “doing-ness.”

I think If I could reinterpret Yoda’s advice, he probably meant, just don’t give up. I suppose there are people who approach challenges with the predetermined mindset that they can’t do it, and maybe he’s talking to them, in a way. But in my opinion, those people are usually not even trying. Beyond that, what causes a lot of people to give up too soon is that they either don’t value the learning experience inherent in challenges, they don’t understand how long it takes to succeed at something, or they’re trying at the wrong things.

Trying is an essential aspect of success. The belief that trying isn’t good enough keeps people from going after their heart’s desire. They believe that true success should be immediate and relatively easy, and that’s simply not realistic. Giving yourself permission to try as many times, and as often as needed, is the true formula for success and here’s why:

Openness and Willingness to Learn

Success at anything requires an openness to learning. It’s important that we try, then take the feedback we get and apply it to better attempts. Failure is only an option when we refuse to accept the learning involved in the process of success. We often get impatient with ourselves when things don’t work. To really succeed, we have to adopt a love of learning along the way. Trying allows us to create as many iterations as is needed to find the right formula for our unique success. It’s important for us (at the same time) to let go of our expectations for a specific outcome. In that way we open our minds to real learning. And the quicker we learn, the faster we see results.

Letting Go of Results – Big Picture

When we focus too much on achieving a certain outcome, it’s easy to get discouraged when it doesn’t show up the way we want it to. Focusing on learning and being open-minded, empower us to grow. In that way, even micro steps feel successful. There is no time limit for trying. If the desire is large enough, it should allow for a lifetime of trying. To be a successful pianist, one can practice for a lifetime to constantly improve, and over time fine-tuning his/her ability. To be a writer, one can write book, after book, after book, enjoying the process, building an audience to read the work, and honing a unique and desirable style. If we have only one success marker to reach, then we’re only going after results. It’s easy to give up when we can’t reach that one goal fast enough. So let go of results and opt for a bigger picture kind of life.

What We’re Trying At Matters Most

It becomes obvious that what we’re trying to achieve matters most. That thing that you’re putting your energy into, are you doing it for the right reasons? If we’re simply doing things to gain approval or get attention, then we aren’t going to get very far or last very long. We’ll get discouraged by this kind of trying. It’s a lot easier to give up on something you didn’t really want. But when we’re trying to allow our deepest soul desires to be expressed in the world, we have greater staying power as we make attempts. When we allow what’s inside of us to come into fruition, we harness persistence, patience and commitment. It’s a lot easier to keep going when there’s so much truth in what we’re doing.

When we focus on releasing our deep desires, then we can hold on and keep going even through the toughest times and the largest setbacks. In allowing our soul to be expressed, even the smallest bit of success is a reason for celebration. So don’t waste time trying at things that aren’t yours to give the world. Focus all your energy and power on expressing your gifts, and a lifetime of trying might not even seem enough.

Let’s fantasize…If you could spend your entire life trying at something, what would it be?

Thank you for reading!

In Life and Love, Tracy





  1. I agree. Trying is the gateway to actually doing. Not every trial might result in the desired result. But without a trial there certainly won’t be a result for sure.

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