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Be That Which You Desire

We expect the external world to fulfill us. We’re looking for the perfect mate, inspiring work, exciting experiences. We can’t help it, we want what we want. But if there seems to be some form of lack in your life, then it’s time to take a closer look at what your desire wants from you. Desire is another word for the life that wants to flow through you. When we feel depressed, unfulfilled or frustrated with life, it’s because we’re not allowing our desire to flow naturally out into the world.

We keep ourselves out of the flow in so many ways. We place expectations or stipulations on what our lives must look like/feel like. It may be because we’re not accepting the parts of ourselves that want to manifest right now. We’re probably judging and comparing ourselves to others. We may be so focused on protecting our image that the real authentic version can’t get through. If you have a strong desire for something, that means you are being called to be that!

What if we focused instead on letting our desire lead us to the truth of who we are?

Here’s an activity that can be very eye-opening:

Sit down and make a list of everything you want for your life. Include specific details about how life should look or feel. Make this list as quickly as you can to avoid your ego stepping in and adding image-based wants (like things). Here are some examples for your list:

  • I want work that challenges my sense of creativity and allows me to be in service to the greater good.
  • I want a partner who encourages me and loves me for who I am, exactly as I am.
  • I want to feel joy and gratitude when I wake up in the morning.

These are three simple and universal examples…your’s will be different and even more specific. The goal in this exercise is to get as extensive a list as is possible. Take no more than five minutes, writing as fast as possible without editing. Why avoid listing things? Because those are all about what your ego/image wants and we’re seeking soul level happiness, not fleeting highs.

Got your list done? Great now, let’s go back through it with an eye for what your desire wants you to become.

desire, joy, passionLooking at my short list, I can easily see that I can bring more creativity and a willingness to serve in the moment to the work that I do. In fact, I think that what my desire is really asking of me is not to separate or segregate my time based on earning potential. I can be more present and look for opportunities to be creative and serve others at all times. To make this happen, I need to trust the Universe to show me more and better opportunities to experience fulfillment in all areas of my life.

Wanting a partner who encourages me and loves me…begins with my loving myself unconditionally. Every time I feel tempted to compare myself to other women or to wish I looked or acted differently, I remind myself, I love myself the way I am and then I add, he loves me the way I am. Of course I don’t know him yet, but I know what to look for based on my constant reminders…On top of that, I need to encourage myself and keep consistent in following up on what I want to do. I can’t expect anyone else to make life happen for me.

Finally, wanting to feel joy and gratitude every morning means waking up and consciously committing to bring the joy and gratitude to the experiences I’ll face that day. I can calibrate my attitude by taking a few moments to affirm that I claim joy more than drama or negativity. When I do this, I can’t help but remember my vow when the temptation arises to fall into negative self talk, gossip or drama. Even if I am drawn in, I can decide in any moment to stop and head toward joy instead. No amount of negativity or drama needs us enough to sacrifice our sense of well-being.

  • If you want freedom, find ways to be less controlling and rigid. Free yourself first.
  • If you want peace of mind, learn to meditate and find a quiet center. When things get loud, get quiet.
  • If you want to feel better about yourself, stop trying to be something else. Accept the beauty that you are.
  • If you want financial freedom, take money off the pedestal you have it on. Free your dependence on a huge paycheck.
  • If you want more meaning in life, set your sights on creating something meaningful for others. Live like you mean it.
  • If you want fulfillment, fill yourself with the experiences that reveal your value to you. Fill the empty places in other people’s lives and the overflow comes back to you!

We all have desires, but few of us listen close enough to ever experience the fulfillment of them. Desire is calling you to a greater experience of yourself. It is your calling. Please, pick up the phone. Answer the call.

Thanks everyone for reading!! I’d love to hear more about your deepest desires. Feel free to comment below!

In Life and Love, Tracy





  1. Julie

    We are on the same page! I delight in reading how to power infuse my thoughts or just read your blog and affirm my thinking! Love it! Love you! Love me! Love life! ❤️ Thank you!

  2. Thanks Julie, It’s great to know that my words can inspire someone to let love rule! I appreciate your support and reading my blog.

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