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How to Increase Belief in Your Dreams.

The word “dream” in terms of our lives can be a little misleading. People want to assign them the status of unlikely, improbable, unrealistic, or in other words, not real. We don’t always take them seriously. That’s why it’s so easy to put “dreams” on the back burner and hold them for some other time when circumstances are “better.”

But the feeling we call a dream is actually a very important part of human life. The feeling that calls us toward doing or being something different is actually our soul’s deepest desire longing to be brought into the light of day.

Ernest Holmes, in his book, This Thing Called You, says, “The desire you have to be something, to do something is a mental echo in your mind of the Spirit which already exists within you…It is the Spirit in you seeking an avenue of expression through you.” The very fact that you want something is an indicator that a divine imprint was made on your soul to realize that particular desire. You shouldn’t ignore it.

dreams, daydreamerLet’s go a little deeper in our thinking. Your desire is so important because the Divine has already desired it for you prior to your feeling it. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel it. Think of it this way, you feel thirsty only because the need for water is built into your system. In that way, you feel the push and pull of a dream because your dreams are the Divine longing to express. The Universe wants to experience life in your particular bones and skin. It is not random, or inconsequential, it is who and what you have come here to be and do.

Believing in your dreams enough to manifest them in this lifetime will take a little extra effort on your part if you’re not already convinced you can rock it to the moon. Here are a few tips to build confidence and stronger belief in the truth of your desire.

Recognize the spiritual element behind your desire.

Call it by its true name: Take your pick…Divine potential, God’s will, the Universal imprint. Honor it by making the pursuit of it a priority in your life. In that way you’ll be more likely to consistently take some small action every day. You don’t need all the answers upfront when you believe that a Divine source is backing your efforts. There’s no way it’s going to let you down if you keep taking baby steps. You cannot fail as long as you are in action, in the moment. Keep moving. Do something. Do anything.

En-courage others to create and build their dreams.

If you have children, you have some easy targets for this one. Whenever someone talks about their desire to do something creative and brave, encourage them to take action. In this way, some of the courage mo-jo you’re sharing will bounce back to you. Become an advocate for everyone realizing their desire. This will increase your belief in your own dreams. Eventually, surround yourself with dreamers and the way they think will become the new normal.

Develop an unlimited mindset.

We sometimes get jealous of others going for it. That’s usually because we’re not. We fall into the “life’s unfair” victim mentality which doesn’t serve us at all. Temper any twinges of jealousy and consciously encourage your friends, family and children to follow their dreams. The jealousy will eventually fade away in the light of your own possibility.

Read about the things you want to do.

Want to travel, follow a few travel blogs and let others inspire you to make small steps in that direction. Want to start a small business? Buy a memoir and immerse yourself in the life of someone who has taken the leap and is doing what you long to do. If no book like this exists, guess what, you might be the first to write about it. Read books that offer you the skills that support what you want to create.

Share your idea with one friend;

not everyone, just one. In the early stages of building your confidence and courage, I recommend not telling a lot of people. You will find far too many who will try to discourage you and keep you in your place. Remember, we tend to suppress those who are doing what we wish we were doing. You will find these people. But if you keep your eyes open, you will find one person who is living courageously their dreams. This is the kind of person you can talk to about what’s calling you. Voicing our dreams out loud somehow makes it all seem more real and possible.

Give yourself permission.

We often carry around warnings from our childhood days that warn us not to spend too much energy daydreaming! Sit yourself down for a good heart to heart. You’re not a child anymore. Give to yourself permission to follow your heart’s desire. Put it in writing if you have to. Create a mantra or affirmation that allows you to move in action on your dreams. Or you can use one of these.

I give myself permission to follow my dreams and desires.

I allow myself to be all that I can possibly be.

I trust the Universe, God, the Divine (whatever name you use) to support the dreams it has given me with all I need to succeed.

Thank you for being on this journey to unleash our Power in the World. I support you in becoming the most authentic, beautiful and unique version of you possible.

In Life and Love,



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  1. Anonymous

    Giving myself permission to follow my own dreams has always been hard for me. I love encouraging others but find it hard to allow myself to pursue my dreams or goals. I like what you said about allowing it to bounce back to me.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for sharing…you’re not alone. The majority of us live with a strange belief…”not me” We don’t realize that there’s no scale of importance among people’s dreams. It’s not that some people get to and others don’t. The people who live their dreams decide to and that’s the only separating factor. I hope one day you decide to. I’m sure you could have a beautiful impact on the world.

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