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This is It!

freedom, permission, presentWhen’s the last time you wished life would hurry up? Mid-day at work? In the middle of a gruelling gym class? Waiting in line at the grocery? We rush through so much of our day looking forward to what’s up ahead. When we look back, we imagine that time has just flown by, but in reality, we simply missed a lot along the way.

This is it!┬áThis (whatever is happening right now) is it! might be the single most powerful mantra I know. It can turn any situation into a moment of freedom from the constraints of time. When I recognize that the current moment and who I am in it are both perfect as is…, I can stop trying to strive and prove that I am better than I am now or that life should be better than it is now. I engage true acceptance and all at once, I’m free.

Freedom is the result of knowing THIS is all there is.

“This is it” honors the present moment and brings me fully into being authentically as I am right now, not how I imagine I might be, if only…

“This is it” produces gratitude by affirming that everything has been provided for this moment, I am alive, I have gifts to share, I don’t have to wait for anything else to line up so I can feel fulfilled.

“This is it” releases me from society’s unrealistic expectations so I can live as directed from within.

“This is it” reminds me to engage others in every moment because this moment is all I can ever expect to have with them… and I want to make the most of it.

“This is it” helps me challenge negative beliefs I hold about myself and my life. It reveals the truth that everything is as it should be.

“This is it,” lightens the emotional and physical burden of trying. The mantra can be used any time to give me freedom and permission to smile more, laugh more and live generally from a lighter stance in life. Next time you feel tempted to rush, or you feel anxious that things aren’t yet as they should be. Shout it out…THIS IS IT!

What it boils down to is this: You have already arrived wherever you think you are going. If you can’t enjoy THIS, right now, regardless of what it looks like, you’ll never really be able to enjoy some future where things need to be different. In any moment…this is it. What will you do with it?

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