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Increase Your Fulfillment

Back when I was a kid, most parents scoffed at the idea of finding fulfillment.  I certainly wasn’t encouraged to choose a path that would help me share my gifts or find pleasure in the doing. I wasn’t supposed to want anything for myself. In fact, I remember being told that life is hard, that’s just the way it is. Desiring fulfillment was considered a selfish endeavor. Therefore, no one taught me what fulfillment really is or how to attain it. So for years, I believed it was only for the lucky; not for me.

fulfillment, purpose, authenticity, self-loveWell over time, I learned a thing or two of my own. In reality, wanting fulfillment isn’t selfish, rather it is our highest expression of self. Fulfillment occurs when we fully express the gifts we’ve been given in a way that produces feelings of good for us in return. That’s what keeps us going.

The definition of “fulfilled” according to Webster is “to be satisfied or happy in fully developing one’s abilities or character.” What this means is that anyone can find fulfillment doing almost anything if they focus on sharing their gifts.

Fulfillment is the result of your level of investment…it comes from being fully present and giving 100% to all you say and do.

But sadly most of us struggle to find fulfillment because we aren’t present. That’s the reason why many people don’t feel fulfilled in their job. They aren’t fully engaged there, so they aren’t giving 100% in service to the greater good.

The Research:

Forbes Magazine article by Cheryl Conor reports that “The 2014 data is in from Salary.com, who gathered the responses of 750 employees. Their verdict: the challenge of wasted workplace time is even worse than before. A year ago, 69% of respondents said they waste at least some time at work on a daily basis. But the number of people who now admit to wasting time at work every day has reached a whopping 89%.”

Another survey conducted by CareerBuilder “queried 2,138 hiring managers and HR professionals and 3,022 full-time workers across a variety of industries and company sizes to determine the reasons for the steadily increasing waste of time. Not surprisingly, personal use of technology continues to lead the charge. Twenty-four percent of workers admitted they spend at least an hour a day on personal email, texts and personal calls.”

The research shows a lot of people are distracted while at work. Consequently, finding fulfillment there is almost impossible. I’m using the workplace as one example of how we let distractions keep us from being present and therefore reducing our capacity for fulfillment. However, the situation can also happen in our personal relationships, with our families, during exercise, while driving, in social settings and even when we’re trying to sleep. Some people sleep with the TV on!!

Think of it this way, we can only be “filled” when we have an opening to recieve, while we are receptive.

The Remedy:

The good news is that there are several ways to increase your level of fulfillment. All you have to do is bring the right ingredients to your interactions with people and/or the environment.

Eliminate Distractions – begin by eliminating as many distractions as you can. Use your intuition, which is probably already telling you what things need to go. You will never find fulfillment behind the screen of an electronic device. Use it for it’s benefits, but don’t allow it to use you. Don’t allow other people/things to suck your time/energy.

Make Necessary Changes – if you are in situations that are unbearable and you tune out or check out so you can stand it, it’s time for change. Don’t waste any more time surviving a bad situation. It will become the greatest distraction in your life, preventing you from realizing fullness anywhere else. Cut the ties, and find or create circumstances where you can be 100% you.

Stay Present – remain receptive, open and willing in your interactions with others. Keep your awareness in the present moment where you have the chance to live without fear, worry or regret. Take a few quiet moments everyday to tune into what matters most in your life so you can commit to giving these your full attention. Savor the NOW.

Share Your Gifts – find ways to share your greatest gifts with the world. These were meant to flow out of you and be replenished from your inner source. When you don’t use them, they stagnate and make you feel stuck. Much of the secret to finding more fulfillment is learning to feel good about yourself and your life. Find ways to grow and nourish your authenticity. Be the best you that you can possibly be and share that with the world.

Bring Joy & Gratitude – generate your own joy and gratitude. If you’ve managed the above, this one will be easier. Feeling grateful as a conscious choice will naturally bring you more joy. Grateful is the thought that produces the feeling called joy. In any moment we can allow love, peace, and joy to emanate as expressions, as offerings to life, our life.

When you fully commit to pouring yourself into life in every moment, eliminating those things that distract you from being present, and sharing the best of yourself, then fulfillment becomes an everyday occurrence, something we can expect rather than wish for.

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