Self Love

Your Self Love Benefits Everyone

self loveLoving Yourself has an amazing fringe benefit. As you practice self-care, healthy living, and choosing people, places and things that affirm your inherent wholeness, beauty and goodness, then by example, you give others the permission to do the same. Sometimes, we have the misconception that self-love is selfish, so we hold back and hide our self love practice, but when we do that we aren’t helping anyone…least of all, ourselves.

Your self love is a gift to the World…a mirror you can hold up for others to see themselves more clearly.

Through our practice of self love, we build within us the capacity for compassion. As we offer ourselves acceptance and forgiveness, we also develop the ability to see our own experience in others. We understand fear, jealousy, anger and hatred as things that have also lived within us only when we are willing to look at them with love and acceptance. We know where they come from and why they are present in our lives, because we’ve held them gently.

Self love is not something everyone is good at, so it helps us to see others taking care of themselves in beautiful ways. So go ahead, be the one to go first. Practice self love openly. Speak up for what you want (and don’t want). Establish your boundaries right out loud. Demonstrate health and wholeness in your daily actions by eating well, honoring your physique and getting plenty of sleep. Check Out this FREE Self Empowerment Contract that can help you stay on track!

Anyone at all can treat themselves poorly. But you can show the world what real love looks like.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Is there someone in your life who has mirrored the qualities and practices of self-love in a way that has inspired you?

In the comments below tell me about one person who exemplifies self-love. Be specific and detailed in calling them out. For extra credit, I want you to send that person this link so they can see your kind words in print…i.e. spread the love for all the world to see!

Share as much detail as possible in your comment. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone improve one of their own relationships or it might inspire them to be the change so many need to see happening in the World! It’s important to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section because they will be retained there and seen by the person you share it with.

The more we share the practice of self love, the more it grows…let someone who matters know they are doing it so well!

Thanks everyone for sharing this journey with me…

…and thank you for letting me inspire you on the eve of our Thanksgiving holiday.

In Life and Love, Tracy!!





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