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Embrace the Fear of Endings

It’s in the air. Riding through the park on my bike, I can feel it. Change is certain.

You know what I mean, cooler evenings, the smell of wood smoke wafting through the trees, and an eery silence at the public pool where just last week kids splashed and shouted the joy of jack-knife jumping. Fall has entered our neighborhood and it wants to share space with whatever is left of summer. Frankly, I’m a little bummed.

Each year, I can’t help but feel nostalgic and sad that summer is ending. I love the outdoors: running, biking, hiking and swimming, outdoor concerts, patio dining and reading on my screened porch for hours! Living in Indiana means giving up things that make me happy once the weather turns cold.

But over the years, I have learned a lot about this beautiful season of letting go. I have, and am still learning to stop judging what’s happening right in front of me, even when I feel things slipping away. We think it’s just a little thing, this holding on to what we love, but it’s really our fear of loss and scarcity showing up. I know the fear is a thought, a momentary feeling that says maybe the future won’t be as good as right now. 

Hanging on to  the good feelings we have about a certain time of year, or a place, or a stage of our lives is a denial of what is possible for us in the future. In his book, The Mandala of Being, Richard Moss points out that “wanting a good thing to continue…causes us to resist anything else life presents.” Out of fear, we get stuck in the past over both bad experiences and good. We become blind to what’s right in front of us, right now.

So whenever I feel myself become anxious in the midst of something ending, I use a mantra that keeps me rooted in the present and less fearful about what’s to come. I like to say,

My good goes with me. It is not outside of me. My good goes with me wherever I go.

Knowing that our ability to create good in our lives is always with us and choosing to stay present and aware of all the good that currently surrounds us are powerful life lessons we must cultivate if we want to ride the waves of change that permeate our lives ALL the TIME.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the changes around you. Marvel at the beauty of outrageous color and embrace each and every moment with your good firmly centered in who you are!



  1. Lindsey Trostle

    Love this! I was just considering the sense of this change. Such a beautiful and affirming read! Thanks for writing!

  2. Thanks Lindey!! Especially for you and others in the schools where days of freedom have recently come to an end… 🙂

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