How Valuable is Your Life?

We become an adult and we chase it down like a dog in hot pursuit of a giant rabbit. Our “American Dream,” how the larger culture defines the ultimate life, success, happiness and the like.

It’s important to note, the elements that lead to success including career, lifestyle, family, and relationships were shaped by the social experiences of the generations just before us (probably our grandparents and to some extent our parents) and are based on what <em>they</em> believed was important in life.

For many of us today, financial stability and a sense of permanence were goals handed down to us by generations who didn’t have those things. Up until recently, exploration, experimentation, and patience as opposed to “getting somewhere” were not taught as viable alternatives to a four-year degree or trade school.

We falsely believe that our lives are far too valuable to experiment with, but on the contrary, our lives are too valuable NOT to experiment with. Finding out who you are and why you’re here is the single most important JOB of your lifetime.

Creating a fully engaged life deserves a spirit of discovery and wonder. But that’s not how we were launched into our futures. Instead, most of us were warned to play it safe, to go after something certain and secure, a degree, a job, a family, an interesting hobby (if you’re lucky), and that’s your life. But what we’ve come to find out in trying to meet these goals is that although our choices may have been certain and safe, we end up feeling anything but.

It seems setting out to achieve this “dream” has left a lot of us feeling frustrated, disillusioned and a little cheated by unrealized promises. Perhaps it’s time to wake up and get busy living our own vision instead of following a cultural prescription that doesn’t take into account the unique qualities we came into this world to deliver.

Are we simply recreating or are we writing a new American Dream, a reflection of what newer generations want? Today I think that’s personal freedom, the freedom to pursue our own unique path and contribute in ways that are both personally and socially beneficial and fulfilling.

We can let the next generations decide for themselves.

<em>Thank you everyone for quick question for you: What have been your biggest challenges in creating a life you can be happy with? </em>

Tracy @Soul Set in Motion 🙂



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