What Can You Really Believe in?

Believe in Yourself! We hear these words often from everyone encouraging us on our way. But what does it really mean? What are we really being encouraged to believe in?

If we simply take into account who we appear to be right now, our circumstances and resources, they might not seem like much to believe in… In fact they might leave us feeling a little depressed and discouraged if we’re not where we thought we’d be (by now).

But when we say “believe in yourself,” we’re not talking about the self you already know, we’re talking about believing in the SELF you don’t yet know much about, your untapped potential, your yet-to-be-realized powers, your uncalled on resources, and your possibility…the greater YOU that you’ve not yet met, or at least don’t remember meeting 🙂

Recognize and accept that you are indeed much more than you were even five years ago, and it’s not just fate that brought you this far. You’re being asked to believe in a greater Universal power that magnifies and expands inside of you every time you decide to take another step, risk your present circumstances, and go after more good.

You can’t even begin to read the blueprint of your capability, but you can accept there are things about yourself that you won’t know until they appear. When they do, don’t be surprised, be convinced, because you’ve got something special worth believing in.

Your Life, Your Adventure

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Self-love is a journey to discover your soul and invite it to come forward and walk beside you on the path to joy, love and freedom! I've been walking this way for years and sharing what I've learned along the way. Won't you join me?

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