Its Got Nothing to Do With Luck

It’s got nothing to do with luck, but nevertheless, that’s what we called it from the moment we arrived at the airport. My daughter Ariel and I were on our way to Florida for Spring break. At only 4 am, and despite lost sleep, our spirits were high in anticipation of our adventure.

Our first “lucky incident” occurred from the back of a long security line. We were chatting excitedly about the things we wanted do when we arrived in the sunshine state when suddenly a TSA agent stepped up to where we stood, moved the rope barrier and directed us to a newly opened security check line. “We’re so lucky!” we said to each other as we slid our carry-on items through the x-ray machine.

Our good fortune didn’t end there. Walking through the car rental area to select the “compact” car we’d reserved, Ariel pointed out a red Toyota Corolla and said that’s a cute one. The rental agent said, “actually, it’s parked in the wrong spot. It’s a midsize car, but you can take it if you want.” And we did.

The free upgrade on the car sparked a conversation we kept alive the entire week. We agreed that when you recognize good things exist, they show up in your life. When you appreciate more, your mind and eyes become more attuned to the good in everything. You become receptive and it shows up everywhere – in a free $12 parking pass left by a stranger just as we’re about to pay, in a woman on the corner selling the best chicken tamales we ever had, in the spotting of an unbroken sand dollar only minutes after saying, “I need one of those,” in a $5 dollar bill found in the pocket of a newly purchased pantsuit, or the couple in the restaurant who told us about the best micro brewpub in town, and on, and on.

We always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and the fact that we knew it caused us to attach our good luck “charm” to every moment we experienced.

I like to compare the experience to collecting sea shells, since we were doing that all week too. When you first start looking down at the sand, all of the shells look pretty much the same until you find a special one (like a sand dollar). Once you find one, you increase your ability to spot another. Soon, like magic you can see them everywhere. You’re walking along, barely looking and one just jumps out at you! It’s all because you trained your eyes to see it amidst a background of all others.

Sometimes people talk about attracting good, but in reality good is everywhere, all around us, all the time waiting for you and I to notice. Having good things happen to us has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the expectations we develop by fine-tuning our consciousness to recognize the good and acknowledge it for what it is.

Take some time today to keep your eyes wide open for something good and you’ll see what I mean!

Thanks all for reading, as always. Want to share a recent lucky streak you experienced? Hit me up in the comment line below and happy Spring Break!



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