Why Your Willpower is Never Enough!

willpowerIt’s been two weeks now and I haven’t been to the gym. I’ve got the usual excuses, but the truth is, I’ve just been lazy. The holidays and being “busy” were an easy out that kept me home on those cold January mornings. But it’s over now and I’ve got nothing left…I’m heading back there tomorrow whether I like it or not!

Now I know that taking a little time off won’t make or break my physical state, but my laziness got me thinking about how irresponsible I can sometimes be about me! I’d never be so lackadaisical about someone I cared for. I remember all the years I drove my kids to school and picked them up. We were rarely ever late. We never missed a day, …or decided to take two weeks off! When it comes to other people, why is it so easy to be responsible for them, but when it comes to our own needs, any excuse is good enough to ignore them?

On the lowest end of the spectrum, most of us know there are things we need to improve on in our lives. On the other end, some of us harbor elaborate goals and long term dreams we want to realize in this lifetime. But no matter how large or small your goals are, not realizing them is as much an option as making it all happen.

Since most of what we want in life is optional, we have to rely on something deep within to keep us on track with the little tasks that add up to success. Some people like to call it willpower, but I find that term a little vague, something we know can come and go. If getting to work relied solely on your willpower, you wouldn’t have a job for long. That’s because willpower is something we have to fire up “at will” to make us do things we don’t really care too much about. It’s not an effective strategy to use for things we consider important.

That’s why we find it far easier to act responsible toward our jobs and families, because we care about them. We care if our kids get to school on time. We care about whether or not we have a job tomorrow. Often times, what’s needed to really gain traction on meeting our long term goals is to care enough to take responsibility for them. When we acknowledge the importance of our inner desires, we identify what we care about and then apply our responsibility in the same way we do with our jobs, and the people we love.

The truth of not going to the gym for two weeks is not that I was simply being lazy, I was being irresponsible with my physical health which I do treasure. It’s the same if I don’t write every day; I’m being irresponsible to my creative drive and the message that I need to bring forth to help others. By responsibly making the time every day, no excuses, I’m honoring my soul’s desire to be heard and that, in and of itself, feels good.

When you understand that your life has greater meaning, a distinct purpose to it, then you also realize that you have a responsibility to that – to the life and purpose that can never be realized without you to back it up. Your life, your purpose here is a one of a kind proposition. No one else (ever) can bring into reality your dreams and visions for a better future. Getting responsible doesn’t mean forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. It means getting clear about the internal things that matter to you and then deciding that you’ll be responsible for them.


Thanks all for reading…BTW, I really care about YOU! Have a great weekend!

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