5 Reasons Why Being Wrong Rocks!

No one likes to be wrong. It feels much better when we’re right. I work with people all the time who would rather cling to their “rightness,” than to improve, get better, or try something new. It’s tough for our fragile ego to accept that we’re not perfect…none of us. When someone tries to show us we’re wrong, we get mad! We want to reject them and their obviously wrong ideas about us! But what if it wasn’t an outsider trying to prove you wrong?

What if it was YOU proving yourself wrong? What if proving yourself wrong could actually be a strategy to improve your self-esteem rather than minimize it? I’d like to propose that proving yourself wrong is simply one way of identifying your negative thinking and then changing it to the positive.

Curious? Read on…Here are five solid reasons why proving yourself wrong might be the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

  1. Proving yourself wrong sets you up for significant personal growth and development opportunities. Once you decide that your way of thinking is up for interpretation, then you open the doors to learning new things about yourself and learning is the best way to accelerate your development. Even when we learn things about us that we don’t like, that knowing allows us the choice to get better, to improve and show others a new side to who we can be.
  2. When you recognize that you “can” prove yourself wrong, you un-limit your potential. You unlock a reservoir of possibility that was unavailable to you previously. You discover skills and strengths you never knew you had. And in the process increase your self-esteem. Beware, sometimes proving yourself wrong can become an addiction. Once you try to re-establish your limits, you’ll discover there aren’t any and life becomes about proving that instead.
  3. Proving yourself wrong produces bigger, more exciting experiences in your life. Situations and events that you’d never imagine or allow yourself to have, do, or be will occur once you begin to question your long-held beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of. You will start to reach higher, travel farther and dig deeper into life’s richness once you understand that you determine your own limits – without exception!
  4. Accepting that there might be other, better ways of doing things opens the door to new people and unique opportunities that could help you and possibly advance your work and project goals. Thinking there is only one “right” way prevents you from seeing possible strategies and plans that might be better for hundreds of reasons. The notion that we might not have all of the answers, lets us tap into the universal flow of information! Not only are two heads better than one, 100 heads worth of ideas are WAY better than one!
  5. When you can prove yourself wrong, you eliminate the number one obstacle to attaining the life of your dreams – your very own self-limiting belief system. All of your “I am nots” and “I can’ts” must be put to the test by YOU personally. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of what’s stopping us exactly. Our deeply held beliefs are so close to us, they’re nearly invisible,…but once we begin to establish an I-can-do-or-be-anything attitude, we increase the likelihood of blowing those obstacles right out of the water!

Admitting you’ve been wrong about yourself takes a lot of faith in your own personal goodness.. It takes setting your ego aside and trusting that failure, although possible, will not be devastating. But the good news is that it’s your show, your decision. No one has to know what you’re even up to…but that will be another thing to tackle once your bravery kicks in. Begin by listening to the ways you declare yourself incompetent..I’m not a morning person, I’m not a very good swimmer, I’m not a dog person…and so on.

You might not initially think it’s even worth it to prove that you could be, or do any of these things if you wanted to. But the truth is, our self negations add up and work against us in our lives. They remove us from possibility and they make us feel less than in all the areas we identify as NOT us. Proving myself wrong has become a game now for me. Because the truth is, I’m a girl who doesn’t want to place limits on her life. These days, I’ll try anything once. With all of the ways I’ve been able to prove myself wrong, I might just have a few more opportunities to connect the dots in my bigger, wilder, more outrageous dream life than I did before!

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