Toes in the Sand: why it feels so good

IMG_20160111_155655Ugh. Of all things to forget on the way to Cancun, I can’t believe I forgot the pedicure! The week before leaving was a bit stressful, trying to cover everything at work and deal with anticipated problems, I just didn’t make the time.

Once I arrived, kicked off my shoes and released the piggies from their pen, I felt a little naked down there. But it wasn’t just my toes; all-in-all I felt open and exposed. I’d left my “real” life behind. And nothing here looked like there.

I had to wonder, is it really so bad to be left a little bare?

It’s a familiar feeling for me when I’m away on vacation. It might even be the feeling we’re all looking for when we take time away. When I drop everything, head to the beach and sink my toes in the sand, that’s when I know, I’m off duty. I’ve given myself a hall pass from the responsibilities I usually carry around every day.  But without all that life stuff, what do we have left?

Taking a break can be a good thing in terms of our health, to lighten the stress load, but it also has another beneficial effect on us – an unexpected one at that.

I’ve noticed that when I put my responsibilities on the back burner, my creative juices have more room to wiggle about. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m flooded with all kinds of ideas for blogging. I get inspired about things I want to do with my future. I feel more positive about my life. Oddly, I feel closer to my source than in any other moment, but why?

I think it comes down to SPACE.

Mental space is a commodity these days. We fill our cerebral real estate with work concerns, relationship issues, and social stuff. Often, there’s not enough room left up there for creativity, inspiration or insight.

Most of us live our lives on mental overload a lot of the time and have no idea how cluttered our minds have become. It’s not until we can take a step back that we notice the “occupied” sign that’s been hanging from our own front doors.

It wasn’t the end of the world that I forgot the pedicure because vacations aren’t at all about being perfect. On the contrary, vacations are more about finding our home base, the perfect self that exists within each of us when we’re freed from our need to keep up with the lives we’ve created.

Without the roles, titles and ideas about who we need to be and what we need to do, we find a little more freedom to make friends with who we are at the core – our essential, unfettered self.

I know it may seem like I’m saying our day to day lives aren’t all that important, but I’m not. It’s just that our home/work/social lives are complex these days. I’m just wondering now what it would take, to leave some room – just a little more room in our daily lives for beauty, for an inspired thought, for a creative urge to take hold,  knock your socks off and plunge your toes deep in the sand where you might just find a friend.

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