Even When It’s Right; It’s Not Perfect

I know that many of us are searching. Looking for the right job, the right man or woman, a closer parking spot, the perfect house in a perfect neighborhood. We all want ideal, pretty much most of the time.

But even when it is right, and you know it, it’s usually not perfect.

That’s because, a situation that is right for us provides the perfect challenges needed for us to grow into the kind of person we value. When you take on a job that feels right to you, it shouldn’t just be easy. Easy would get boring really quick. A job that is right for you will require you to engage your creative mind, problem solve and face your biggest fears. Indeed, it will test you on every level.

Anything that is right for you will have moments of frustration that will test your stickability and of course your commitment. The question to answer, I guess, is what are you really committed to in this life.

I’m not saying a relationship or situation requires difficulty to be good. I’m just pointing out the opposite.

We sometimes, all too fast, eliminate people, places and things that aren’t perfect. We use roadblocks and red flags to prevent us from being hurt and to keep us safe. But we also use them to make life easy. We all want acceptance for sure, but we should also desire growth and becoming. We need people who believe in our latent abilities, and places that support our development as an individual. The things that we desire the right fit for should be the things that promote the best of who we are (even if we aren’t that yet) and in my opinion, that’s worth being committed to.



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