Why Dreams Require Big Belief

To wish, to hope, to pray are simply not enough. They’re enough for lottery tickets, I guess, but not enough for dreams. Dreams require rock solid belief that doesn’t waver, teeter-totter, or second guess. And here’s why. ..

Wishing, hoping and praying put the responsibility for realizing your dream into someone else’s hands.


Exactly!! No one really knows. We wait for a big break, for someone to notice our talent, take pity on us, grant us our wish, find us “deserving.” But if we wait for our dreams to happen to us, like the winning of a lottery ticket, the odds are stacked against us. The truth is there are no fairy godmothers out there. Wish and hope all you want, but no magic wand will bring it to pass.

Unless, you are wielding the wand.

Something unique and interesting happens when we really believe in something. We take ACTION. We take calculated risks. We go for it, because the chance of failure isn’t even an option. We believe only in eventual success (no matter how far off). When we believe in something with all of our heart, we can’t see the barriers others see. It’s like when they say, love is blind; in a way, so is belief.

That brings me to an interesting observation. If you consider the things you strongly believe in, you will find love connected to them like a bright and colorful tail on a kite. Love is what makes real belief possible. When you love something, you are a lot less likely to give up on it.

Now, if you find yourself saying, …Well, I believe in x,y,z, buuuuttt…

Then you don’t really believe.

People who have show-stopping “buts” are dealing in excuses, in all the reasons why they should not believe in their dreams. Maybe someone once told them they couldn’t, or they shouldn’t. They want to believe that they believe, but they don’t.

People who believe in themselves and their dreams do not have “buts” at least not that kind 🙂 Instead, they deal in options; they find a way. And if that doesn’t work, they try something else, until it does.

I’m not saying that people who truly believe in their dreams never have doubts. They do. They just see doubts for what they really are, fear. They don’t let them come in between them and the thing they love.

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