Wake Up… you’re only dreaming

It’s 5 am on Sunday morning and the neighbor’s dog starts barking outside my window. Why would anyone put a dog out that early? And… on a Sunday? I roll over, cover my head with my pillow and try to get back to the dream I was having. Things were going so well…

We all love our dreams, the mystery of them, the lure of sweet possibility. They stir our imaginations and intrigue us with the eternal what if…?

But let’s face it, dreams are just for dreamers!

The sad truth is that a lot of people have big dreams that will never graduate beyond “dream” status. They hope and wish and wait for the perfect circumstances or “fate” to find them, but they never actually take any steps to wake up and “move” their dreams out of the bedroom and into their actual lives.

There are a lot of reasons why people never actualize their desires.

Sometimes they’re waiting for things to line up perfectly so that realizing their dreams is easy – to have enough money, enough time, when their kids are old enough, etc. Sometimes they’re waiting for the perfect person who will “make all of their dreams come true.” Sometimes they’re waiting until they have enough skill, or experience, or even to get a “lucky break.” Many have “reasons” for why it just isn’t possible for them, for why it will never work out.

But regardless of the reasons, waiting always leads to dreams that can’t or won’t face reality.

It’s easier to hold onto a dream than to make it come true. It’s easier to keep it in the planning stage where things can never go wrong. People like to talk about what they are “going” to do, but if you’re serious about seeing your dream become reality, you don’t have to talk about it. People will see you going after what you want and actually living the dream – Not talking about it!

Today’s challenge is to wake up! Wipe the sleep from your eyes and put your feet on the ground.

Stop Dreaming! And don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button one more time.

Every time you make a decision not to take action on your deepest desires – you move them farther and farther away from ever becoming reality. In essence you affirm your lack of belief in your dreams, yourself or your ability to make it all come true.

Instead, wake up! Write down one thing you can do toward making your dream a reality today. Include a time to take action. Be specific. Put your action item at the top of your to-do list for the day. Make the realization of your dream your highest priority, not your last.

Maybe it’s a phone call you need to make – a contact someone gave you that you never followed up on. Maybe you open a savings account and make a small deposit toward the launching of your own business. Maybe you write the first four pages of a novel you’ve always wanted to write. Only you know what you need to do.

Awakening the desire to follow through with the life you imagine for yourself begins with baby-steps. You’ll notice that once you take that first step, no matter how small, the next one is easier and the next one even easier. People who get where they want to go in life aren’t afraid to hang in there through the not-so-glamorous beginnings, the time when efforts seem small, insignificant and often for naught.

Sometimes it takes years for things to start taking shape – for it to look like you imagine, but here’s some good news to help you stay motivated: Once you take the first step, your dreams actually become reality, right then and there! You can stop calling them “dreams,” when you’re in the process of realizing them. They are your reality. You begin living the dream, day by day from the moment you take that first step.

Honestly, that’s probably the best part of having dreams, the journey we take to make them come true. That’s the place where you get to see yourself in action, where you come to know what you’re really made of and what matters to you in life. You know, sometimes it’s hard to tell if we actually make our dreams a reality, or they make us become real.

Hmm…,either way, it’s pretty cool.

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