You hear what you want to hear…

You hear what you want to hear…

I know this is true because for the past month, I keep seeing the following message in every form possible, in blogs, books, newsfeeds, etc.

Everyone seems to be talking about it – all of a sudden!

You have the Power to Create the Work Life you Want” – by fellow blogger, Luzia Light.

I know my receiving this message (again) has more to do with the fact that the thought is on my mind a lot lately. Maybe I’m looking for affirmation or perspective, what other people think about the issue. Maybe I’m just seeking confirmation. Regardless of the reason, I am hyper aware!

It’s like when you buy a new car, or even think about buying a particular new car, (let’s say, a Toyota Prius) and suddenly everywhere you go, you see Priuses all over the road. You wonder to yourself, why is everyone suddenly driving a Prius? Well, it’s not so sudden. It’s just that your awareness of them has been heightened and now you notice.

We are drawn to powerful messages like moths to an eternal flame. Whether we know it or not, we seek insight, the light of hope and the heat of inspiration. The messages we need to make changes or choices in our lives come to us when we are really ready for them. They bombard us everywhere we go.

We can ignore them, brushing them under the carpet until they become annoying, or we can decide to listen for a while, let them sink in and maybe, if we have the courage, begin to act on them. Let me say, it’s always a scary proposition.

I know that these words are coming to me as both a challenge and a lifeline. I have found my “good work” to do, the thing that makes my heart come alive, but it’s not what I am doing for my primary source of income, for the bulk of the hours in my day. I do it on the side, part time AFTER I’m done with my regular job. But some days that situation seems a little out of balance. And recently, I feel I’m being called to fix that imbalance. The fact that just enough other people have done it makes me know it’s possible.

For me, I know the message is telling me that I’m kind of settling, that if I don’t act soon, I’ll be stuck doing what I’m doing right now forever: giving most of my time and good energy to something that doesn’t really matter for me which leaves only sloppy seconds for that which I really love. So I know it is time, if I accept the challenge, to start building my side businesses, the ones I do because I love them into something big enough to take the place of my income-producing work.

I hear so many people saying, if only I could… and so few people who actually do.

I don’t really like the words, “If only…”

What about you? How close are you to doing the work you love most?

Stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll be talking about this more in the future…

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