Go BE Love – the World Needs YOU!

Love is an action, something we do with all of our senses. It’s possible to get so involved in expressing our love that we begin to feel better because of it. You feel it inside of you streaming out.

And when that feeling kicks in, we become aware that the experience of love has more to do with how we are being than the specific thing we are doing to express it. Most of us tend to like our loving self best.

Because, love is the way you think… (the best about others – and yourself). Love is the way you act… (in kindness, generosity and forgiveness for others – and yourself).

Love is not an emotion, or feeling, it’s so much more complicated than that. Love is not fleeting or elusive. It can’t leave you or go anywhere, because it isn’t “out there somewhere.”

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that homemade valentine’s were best and after hours of cutting pasting and folding doilies, aluminum foil and construction paper, I understood what she meant. The time, the effort, the attention we gave to our little heart-shaped love notes gave us time to think about the people we were making them for, why they mattered in our lives and how much we appreciated them. In a sense, we were building love muscles, even then.

Love is the way you believe – that going out of our way to let others know they are loved and cherished is not only important in terms of creating our best lives here on Earth, it is essential for us to become Love itself.

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