When Dreams Collide…

stellar collisionWhat do we do when our dreams collide?

I mean, I have dreams that seem to contradict each other. For example, I dream of living someplace warm and tropical where I can wake up every day to the sound of the ocean pouring through my bedroom window (at least in the winter). I also dream of watching my children flourish in their adult lives, in love and abundant living. I dream of ballroom dancing everyday with a fabulous partner(s). I dream of travelling to exotic faraway places and soaking in the culture and beauty of the world. I dream of falling in love one last time with a dear and cherished friend, a life companion. I dream of living in a beautiful, comfortable home where people come to visit and parties happen on a regular basis. I dream of slow, easy days where the natural order of things dictates my every move.

I have so-o-o many dreams; I wonder, how can they all come true?

Sometimes it seems that the logistics (time, money, energy, location) of making one dream come true makes it impossible to see another dream come true. My mother always said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too….” But for some reason, something inside of me thinks she was wrong.

When we’re eighteen, we have one dream (more or less): we want this or that career. Much of our focus boils down to what we’ll be doing with the rest of our life (or so we think). We’ve been primed and groomed for this big decision, as if we have only one shot at getting this right.

But I look back on my own life and realize that I’ve seen a lot of my dreams come true already. After living life for a while, it became clear that once I’d realized one dream, say…earning a college degree, another one would take its place.

At eighteen, I wanted to work with dolphins – done. Next, I wanted to get married and have some kids – done. I wanted to earn a college degree – done (times two). I wanted to own a home of my own – done. I wanted to get certified as a yoga instructor – done. I wanted to write a novel – done. I wanted to be a dancer – done (and still doing). It wasn’t like there was one shot; choosing was limitless. And that’s the good news; we’re never without a dream or desire to fuel our lives onward.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think we could ever run out of dreams. I think life is designed to keep putting opportunities and desires in front of us just to see what we’ll do with them. And at some point, if you’re like me and get to thinking you can have it all; you may come upon one of those times when it feels like having it all might be asking too much.

You might get to thinking that you have to choose one dream over another, that there isn’t enough time or money to do it all. But I caution you to reconsider. . . What if, the timing wasn’t up to you, entirely? What if we had to trust in the perfection of our lives? Even though we might not see how to make them come true in the here and now, what if we held onto all of our dreams and spoon –fed each one until the time was right for it to flourish?

What if all of our dreams were necessary, like micro-dreams, part of a larger bigger dream for our life?

I think they are and I don’t think we can afford to let any one of them go without a fight.

Like puzzle pieces, our dreams form the fabric of our life and who we are becoming. One dream isn’t the whole sha-bang. A dream is only part of the overall picture of our life, a layer, a fragment. Who we become as a result of seeing our dreams come true, doing what it takes, going the distance, growing and learning and making ourselves accessible and vulnerable and real, that is what makes up the larger, more significant building the “life of your dreams.” We need all of our dreams to drive us on. Dreams make our souls come alive. They make us feel more than we could imagine and realizing them turns us into the kind of person we knew deep down we were all along.

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