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Abundance – But not the money-in-your-pocket kind

When we think of abundance, our thoughts often default to money and what it can buy. But abundance has nothing at all to do with how much money you have or the resources you have at your disposal. Abundance is defined by whatever makes you feel fulfilled in life and often that has nothing to do with money in the bank (although that can also be part of it). Don’t get me wrong, I think money is a great thing and having enough generally creates a certain amount of comfort and access to opportunity, but that only goes so far. I know people who have tons of money and they still feel like there’s never enough. They worry about the future of their finances and complain about the price of eggs. If you’re like me, the amount of money you have in your pocket at any given time changes. We change jobs and circumstances all the time; there are things we just can’t predict. If we define our abundance by how much money we have, our thinking can leave us feeling poor when the money runs low. And feeling poor often comes with another not-so-good feeling of being left out or disconnected from others – as if we don’t belong. But if we know that abundance “our good” is a constant despite the financial challenges we might face from time to time, then we will never feel poor or lost. But thinking this way might require a shift in our perspective on what it means to be abundant. What I’ve discovered is that true wealth isn’t actually money; it’s an attitude of having enough, of knowing that you are taken care of and supported, that life is fair and that there is always enough good to go around and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, not just green. What if instead of money we thought of abundance as the good in our life? Maybe the smile of a two year old who you love with all your being. Maybe dancing to a song that moves you from the inside out. Maybe the feeling you get when you open the door to your house at the end of a long winter’s day and the warmth and comfort there contain you. Maybe it’s a 60 degree day in the middle of winter that thaws the ice from your veins, just in time. Maybe it’s the light in the eye of your best friend during a conversation when you both just click; or a call from someone you haven’t heard from in ages and the sound of their voice, makes your heart sing. Maybe it’s seeing a row of freshly sprouted seeds you tucked into the soil on a fresh spring morning. Maybe it’s a walk on the beach as the sun rises golden and pink right before your eyes, Finding a fun new place to have a conversation over coffee and cream. Maybe it’s your boss reminding you what an asset you are to the company or a warm slice of your favorite pizza. Maybe the cart boy at the grocery sincerely thanks you for bringing your cart to the return or your yoga instructor says exactly what you need to hear in the moment to make a difference in your day. Good things happen every day to those who are willing to notice, who choose to see more good than bad on a daily basis. Being abundant is a state of mind, an awareness that despite the way things might appear, good things surround us and it has always been so. People who live abundantly know that good things await on the horizon and they continually move in that direction with an open mind and willing heart. Abundance is the creative urge that lives inside of you. It is the goodness of your soul waiting for expression. Let it come to life; take notice. Do you know what really makes you feel fulfilled? Do you notice abundance in your life? Are you looking out for the good stuff? Hey, here’s something new…and good…

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