Resolutions Matter to WHO?

transformation - miller“Human beings aren’t really motivated by goals; they’re motivated by character transformation.” —Donald Miller

It’s that time of year when we focus on a set of goals we set for ourselves to complete over the course of the year, or maybe for a few months, or until we get tired of them.

Why do some goals actually get accomplished and other goals get brushed under the rug at the first sign of challenge?

Maybe it has more to do with who we want to become as a result of our goals, than what we want to do.

Look at the New Year’s resolutions you’ve set for yourself and see if you can answer these questions:

How will my efforts make me a better person? How will my efforts change the lives of those around me?

Having a clear idea of how your goals will affect you and those around you might just be the motivation you need to keep up the good effort, 365 days and then some…



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