How to Find Meaning in Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself – What does all of this mean?

I have, usually accompanied by a toss of my arms in the air – not the celebratory “put your hands up,” but the “I’m totally lost and frustrated kind.” Knowing you’re on the right track, doing the right thing for YOU can be tough in today’s high input world.

We know our lives should have meaning and purpose, but we’re a little worried and afraid that whatever we ARE doing is wrong (especially if it doesn’t jibe with what everyone else is doing).

What’s probably happened is that we’ve forgotten (momentarily) how to listen to our own internal guidance. We spend a lot of time looking outside of ourselves for the answers to most of life’s complicated issues. We listen to analysts who tell us we should be worried about the economy and our future retirement. We listen to fashion magazines that tell us what beauty is supposed to look like and which products to buy if we want to be desired by others. We look at the television and movie screen to try to understand success and then set our life’s direction based on those models.

We feel like we need to know how to act, who we should be and what we should be doing and we think the external world has the answers, but it doesn’t. We “try on” different personalities hoping to get IT right, but deep down, we feel a great loss of something we can’t put our finger on.

But all we really need is a clear reminder that we instinctively know WHY we are here and WHO we are. Here is the gem I found for today:

“Life doesn’t have meaning. Only you have meaning. It makes about as much sense to say, ‘My life has no meaning,’ as it does to stand in a dark cave with an unlit flashlight in your hand and say, ‘This place has no light.’ Meaning is not to be found ‘out there,’ in a job, in a person, or in a relationship. Meaning is something you release from within yourself. You put meaning into your work, into your experiences, and into every relationship with people.

–Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics Thanks for the reminder.


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