How God Gets Mistaken for a Bad Relationship

A lot of us have been burnt by religion. We may have put all of our trust and belief into something that left us feeling disappointed and confused, maybe even bad about ourselves.

Being burnt by religion can seem like a relationship gone bad.

We shy away from talk of the other person. We try desperately not to think about them (but we do). We pretend they don’t exist (even though we know they do).

You see, we aren’t talking about a bad relationship here, we’re really talking about God. The important distinction to make is that although you may have been “burnt” by a religious experience, you were not burnt by God.

God is not religion, and religion is not God. God existed long before religion was ever a thought in the mind of man.

I don’t want to go down that path of what a religion is or is not because each one can be as different as night and day. I just want to emphasize that religion is a choice, God is not. You can have one without the other.

At first I felt guilty about it, but once I broke up with religion, I was free to explore God on my own terms and from a whole new perspective. When I finally cut the strings, a lot of doors opened for me to apply all types of life experiences to help me understand myself better and what essentially drives my life in a direction of value and purpose. Just thought I would pass this idea on as “food for thought.”

Just in case you’d been burnt and were avoiding, pretending, or trying not to think about it.

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