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Is your life in transition? Going through a divorce? Changing careers? Facing an empty nest? You are not alone! I'd love to share the things that have helped me through the exact same transitions in my own life. I know what you're feeling right now.... I also know that the life you want is just around the corner. I want to help you get there! Download a copy of my eBook "From Now-2-Wow!"

Tracy Martin, Author-Speaker-Life Coach

Do you long for easier, more fulfilling relationships?

Do you avoid making decisions that might impact your life?

Do you struggle at work to find meaning in what you're doing?

Are you sick and tired of excuses that keep you from optimal health and wholeness?

I know these feelings because I've been where you're at, and I get it! A LOT of people struggle in life, always feeling like they are on the outside looking in. I also know that the life you want is just around the corner, and I want to help you get there!

That's why I've dedicated my life to helping others create life on their own terms - lives of passion and purpose! As an author, speaker and empowerment coach, I've helped hundreds get in touch with the source of their passion, find answers to the big questions that plague them, and discover the courage to create lives with meaning.

And I can help you do the same. I teach workshops, speak at meetings and conferences, and coach others one-on-one. No matter where you are on your journey, you can take advantage of tons of free resources here on my website.

Don't forget, we can also stay connected through my weekly Soul Set in Motion Blog where I'll share advice for empowering you to your greatest potential.

Feel free to browse around and get to know me better! Let me know how I can help!

In Life and Love, Tracy

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Tracy helped me find the courage to change my life. I had a great job, a lovely home, and wonderful friends in Indiana, but part of me felt that I was holding myself back. Tracy helped me identify my false beliefs and change them. During our weekly meetings as my life coach, Tracy was my teacher, psychologist, and friend. She helped me accept that I'm a beautiful child of the Universe and that I indeed deserved wonderful things from life. Today, I'm living my dream. I'm teaching English in Spain and am in a relationship with a wonderful man that I know the Universe made just for me. Tracy helped me discover how to find my way to this new life, and I will be forever grateful towards her.

    Laurie Lundeen, Madrid Spain International Teacher
  • Tracy's the real deal! We've known each other for years, and in that time, she's created a beautiful life for herself - a career as a life coach, ballroom dance star & teacher, meaningful work that channels her God-given talents, and super relationships with her kids. She's fearless in living a life brimful of passion and an advocate for others to do the same. Total class act.

    Melissa Baldridge, Denver CO Co-Owner Greenspot Real Estate
  • Do you ever hear a song and think, ‘wow that is EXACTLY me’? Tracy’s words on her blog have been just that for me time and time again. Her content is so relatable, true and honestly uplifting. She has supported me as a friend for years and continues to do so from afar through Soul Set in Motion. It’s comforting to hear that I am not the only one struggling, or that it,'s okay (and typical) not to know all the answers and that life really is a journey. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.

    Erin Abell, Louisville, KY Pure Barre Instructor
  • Tracy worked with me this past year with some unresolved issues from the past with grief and forgiveness. She is a gifted listener, with an understanding spirit; she helps you identify your deeper needs and desires, then challenges you to reach and stretch to make it your own. The healing has begun. Blessings to you and Thank You, Tracy!

    Nancy Schiess, Westfield, IN Librarian